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Timberborn: A lumberjack doesn't cut down trees - why? Timberborn - guide, tips

In the game Timberborn, a lumberjack obtains logs while cutting down trees. On this page of the guide we describe the position of the lumberjack and the trees to be cut down, you will also find the answer to the question why the lumberjack does not cut down trees?

Last update: Wednesday, July 13, 2022

The basic building material in Timberborn is logs obtained by felling trees. On this page, we explain what to do in a situation where a lumberjack is not cutting down trees.

If your employee from the Lumberjack Flag is not cutting down trees, it could mean that:

  1. the trees are too far from his workplace. In this case, click on the Lumberjack Flag and check the building's coverage;
  2. no trees were slated for felling;
  3. the trees in the range have not yet reached adequate growth. Click on the tree and see how many days it will be ready to be cut down.
When you build a Lumberjack Flag near the trees you still need to mark the felling area - Timberborn: A lumberjack doesnt cut down trees - why? - FAQ - Timberborn Guide

When you build a Lumberjack Flag near the trees you still need to mark the felling area. Click on the 2nd icon from the left at the bottom of the screen and select the tree felling area selection tool. Holding down the left mouse button, select the trees to be cut down.

Remember that there are different types of trees. Some have chestnuts growing on them, which can be collected by a worker from a Gatherer Flag. You can deselect such trees with the appropriate tool so that your lumberjack does not accidentally cut it down.

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