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Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales Guide by

Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales Guide

Table of Contents

Angren | Story Battles in Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales Thronebreaker Guide and Walkthrough

In this chapter, you will find a description of the story battles in which you will have to take part while travelling through Angren in the Thronebreaker: Witcher Tales game. A video, which shows an example of how victory over the enemy troops can be achieved, has been added to each description.

Battle of the Yaruga

A short fight in which you will only fight for 1 round. Try to eliminate the threat from the opponent's side and prevent a situation in which his units will begin to strengthen one another. The Arbalest units are an additional threat, as they are able to deal substantial amounts of damage to your ranks.

The battle of red Lobinden

During this fight, you will have to win only one round. It should be noted here that the opponent has a very large point advantage from the beginning of the skirmish because he already has several units on the board. Before you start the attack, take a good look at the field, amongst the enemies you will find several allied units, namely Gascon and his Dogs. After 2 turns, your spies will return to the appropriate part of the board, but Gascon will remain in place, and every 2 turns he will destroy a random enemy unit.

The battle for the bridge

A standard fight in which there are 2 rounds to win. During the battle, you should constantly be keeping an eye on Meve, who will be unable to perform any actions but will still be susceptible to attacks from your opponent. The enemy has solid units that are reinforced each time you use an Order skill. What is more, the hostile army has ranged units, which are able to deal huge amounts of damage to the ranks of your supporters. It should be noted here that your allies will also join this fight: Geralt, Cahir, and Dandelion will help you win this battle, and they are definitely a huge asset. Try to keep the point advantage throughout the duration of the fight, and eliminate the threat from the opponent. You should also constantly monitor the number of your cards so that you have some spare for future rounds.

The bloody mistress

In this clash, the player's task will be to eliminate Gernichora, which you will find to be quite challenging. At the start of the duel, the opponent has 110 health points and is immune to damage. What is more, she will summon several minions that can possibly damage her after moving into the same row as Gernichora. It is also worth mentioning that every two turns, Gernichora changes her form and becomes vulnerable to your attacks. During the fight, try to keep the minions in Gernichora's row and control their level of strength so that it does not reach 10 points. Should this be allowed happen, the minion in question will explode and damage your units.

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