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Thief Simulator Guide

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Available tools in Thief Simulator Thief Simulator Guide and Tips

Thief Simulator offers over a dozen different tools that will make it easier for you to break into houses or cars. Some of them will be unlocked relatively quickly, after the first hour of gameplay, some of them will require unlocking the appropriate skills and investing a lot of cash. In this chapter you will find a list of all tools with a short description.

Tools can be bought in the Tools4Thieves tab. - Available tools in Thief Simulator - Tools and items - Thief Simulator Guide
Tools can be bought in the Tools4Thieves tab.

Where to get the tools?

All tools are available from the Tools4Thieves tab on the computer in your hideout. In the case of ordinary and simple lockpicks, as well as micro cameras, you can buy several pieces, the remaining items are a one-time purchase. More items are unlocked by upgrading your characters and gaining access to new abilities.


Crowbar is the first item you unlock in the game. It is useful for taking down damaged fences and getting into the property from the back side, which is often left without any security measures. This item is especially useful in a few places, and after a few hours of play, when you unlock access to better lockpicks and the ability to climbs, it will become much less useful and you can dump it to free up space in your inventory.


A flashlight is an item that you can unlock at the very beginning of the game. As you can easily guess, it is used to light up dark rooms. However, it's worth remembering that household members, as well as possible witnesses near the house will be able to notice you when you use the flashlight. So it's worth using it as a last resort, and as soon as you unlock the Nightvision Goggles, stop using the flashlight at all.

DIY Lockpick

A simple lockpick for opening the simplest locks. This type of locks will be encountered mainly in the few initial houses, where they will be used to secure the main entrances, later on, they will appear on the door to specific rooms.

The working principle of the lockpick is quite simple - you have to set it properly by spinning the mouse and then try to turn the lock. If you manage to hit the correct spot, the lock will open. If you set the lockpick in the wrong place, the lock will be rotated and you will have to correct it slightly.

Note - that a DIY lockpick will break if you fail to open the lock 5 times. After 4 attempts you can leave the lockpicking screen and try again, which will reset your limit.


An improved version of the DYI lockpick, which is used to open more complicated locks. These appear relatively quickly and you'll have to deal with them for most of the game, so it's worth having it all the time.

Opening a lock with a standard lockpick is different from doing it with the DIY variant. A mini-game is activated, in which you will have to open subsequent lock pins. Press down to push the pin, wait for it to stop and then click to lock it in place. Repeat the process 3 more times until all the pins are locked.

Note - if the pin falls before you block it, you will have to repeat the process. Additionally, if you fail to block the pin 4 times, you'll break the lockpick - after 3 errors it's worth leaving the mini-game and restarting it, which will reset the limit, and you'll have another 4 attempts.

Climbing Gloves

Special gloves that allow the character to climb vines. This will enable you to get to the upper floor or get across a wall or fence. The item is perfect especially for the first missions, as well as for breaking into multistory houses, but it is rather situational and if you do not use it, it is worth leaving it in the glove compartment in the car to make room in your inventory for other things.

Mini Electric Lockpick

The mini electric lockpick, which you will unlock after a few hours of play. Successfully replaces an ordinary lockpick, allowing you to open locks quietly and automatically - just interact with the lock and wait a few seconds for the lock to open automatically. It cannot be broken.

Jewelry Tools

Tools for disassembling jewelry elements into basic components. This will enable you to sell jewelry elements for a higher price than when selling whole pieces. This item can only be used at a special station in your base - so you don't have to carry it with you when going on a job.

Safecracking Tools

Tools that enable you to open safes hidden in the houses. Safes will appear in the game after just a few hours of play, and inside them you will often find either very valuable items, or those required to complete the mission. The working principle of this tool is quite simple - you have to turn the wheel slowly, listening to the changes in sound (or looking at an indicator). When the graph starts to change, turn the wheel more slowly and after a while the first pin will open. Then you have to repeat the same process, but turn left and then right again, and eventually the safe will open.

Glass Knife

A special knife that allows you to cut a hole in the window pane and then open the window. A great solution for when window alarms begin appearing in the game - they make the glass broken by the crowbar activate the alarm and automatically call the police. However, cutting a hole with a knife no longer activates the alarm, allowing you to enter the room unnoticed. Remember, however, that it is impossible to cut a hole in a glass on which a protective roller blind is installed.

Hacking Tools

Equipment that removes security from electronic devices such as laptops and hard drives. Protected devices and media cannot be sold in the pawn shop, they have to be cracked first. This item, like the jewelry tools, is used at a special station in your base - so there is no need to carry it with you.

Car Lock Pick Gun

An item used to open the doors of locked cars, which are not equipped with an alarm. In the case of cars with an alarm, it must first be deactivated with the help of the Car key signal cloner.

Micro Camera

An extremely useful item, thanks to which you will be able to get to know the daily schedule of the household members, by placing it in a letterbox and waiting 24 hours. After this time the item has to be collected in order to obtain data (and a small injection of experience points). However, the item is useful only if you don't have the daily schedule of house members and if there is a letterbox in front of the house - otherwise it is not worth clogging your inventory with it.


Binoculars can be unlocked quite late, but they're very useful. Contrary to appearances, this item not only allows you to check, from a safe distance, the daily schedule of the household members, but also the tools that will be required to open a given security device. The ideal item for planning a burglary - you can check the targeted home from a safe distance from all sides without taking risk of being detected.

Hacking PDA

An item that can be obtained relatively late and it's usually used in certain situations. Thanks to it you will be able to open the roller blinds securing the windows. This will allow you to escape through them in case of necessity. However, the item works only from the inside of the house - it is impossible to open the roller blinds standing outside the house, but only inside it, right next to a secured window.

Note - remember that the roller blinds are activated at 7 PM and deactivated at 7 AM.

Nightvision Goggles

Night vision is simply a "better version of a flashlight". It's useful when you're in a building and the windows have had protective blinds activated, making it very dark in the room. Using a torch would reveal your location, but with a night vision device the problem disappears because it does not generate any light.

Car key signal cloner

This is another tool useful during car theft, more precisely for disarming car alarms. It is enough to approach a car equipped with an alarm, activate the device and after a few moments the alarm in the car will simply turn off. Then it is enough to open the door and steal the car. Just like the previous item, it's only useful when stealing cars - it's not worth clogging your inventory with such item when you're not using it.

Hacking Laptop

Hacker's laptop in Thief Simulator is simply a more advanced version of Hacker's PDA. It allows you to open the roller blinds from the outside - all you have to do is get close to the roller blind and activate the device to disarm the safety system.

Note - remember that the roller blinds are activated at 7 PM and deactivated at 7 AM.

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