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Thief Simulator Guide

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108 - The Taylors | Houses available for rob in Thief Simulator Thief Simulator Guide and Tips

108 - The Taylor household is a huge house by the main street. The building consists of a ground floor and an upper floor, and it has three inhabitants, one of whom will never leave it.

Number 108 - The Taylors. - 108 - The Taylors | Houses available for rob in Thief Simulator - Houses for robbery - Thief Simulator Guide
Number 108 - The Taylors.

Things you can steal

The location contains the following items that can be stolen:

  1. Damaged phone;
  2. Tear trophy;
  3. Vase;
  4. Pot;
  5. Yamaso receiver;
  6. Router;
  7. Wender Guitar;
  8. Teapot;
  9. Saucepan;
  10. Microwave;
  11. Golden Goblets, several pieces;
  12. Headset;

Note - remember that some items may appear several times.

Household member schedules

The household has 3 members. Their daily schedules look as follows:

  1. Household member 1 - absent from 11 AM to 5 PM.
  2. Household member 2 - absent from 12 AM to 6 PM.
  3. Household member 3 - present around the clock.

Useful tools

The following tools can be used to rob this household:

  1. Mini Electric Lockpick / DIY Lockpick - to open the front door, and the door between rooms.
  2. Glass Knife - while not required, as the windows don't have alarms installed, it makes things easier as it doesn't draw the attention of possible witnesses;
  3. Safecracking Tools - to open the safe on the upper floor;
  4. Climbing Gloves - required to enter through the upper floor;
  5. Crowbar - required to get through the damaged fence (alternative entrance point), but also during missions that need you to break things (e.g. toilets or plates).

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