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Thief Simulator Guide

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Running away from the police in Thief Simulator Thief Simulator Guide and Tips

The goal of Thief Simulator is to rob buildings of other characters. As you can probably tell, you have to avoid the police - police officers arrive when you are detected by someone. In this chapter, you can learn how to escape the police.

Avoid the police by hiding in a nearby trash bin. - Running away from the police in Thief Simulator - Gameplay mechanics - Thief Simulator Guide
Avoid the police by hiding in a nearby trash bin.

Even the best-planned robbery can end in a failure when you get detected by a random pedestrian or when you forget to hide your vehicle somewhere safe. However, your failure can also be due to a game bug. The police arrive shortly after being called - they will be looking for you.

Police patrols are represented with red circles on the mini-map. They start their investigation in the place where someone has detected you. After that, they will move in random directions. Getting caught means that the game is over - the game will load the last save.

You aren't without any options - your character can use a few tricks that will allow you to avoid the police. You can:

  1. Hide in a trash bin. Quickly hiding in a trash bin will protect you from the police - provided that there weren't any pedestrians around you when your character was getting inside a trash bin.
  2. Hiding below a bed or in a wardrobe. You can do that when one of the residents has spotted you inside their house. Leave the room where you have been detected and go to another one - hide in one of the hiding spots. Wait several dozens of seconds - the residents will calm down.
  3. Hide between houses. Hide in the "wilderness" when there are no trash bins around you. Move away from the spot where you have been spotted - the best place to hide is to go between houses. You won't find any NPCs there. Wait several dozens of seconds - remember to pay attention to the mini-map.
  4. Escape in your car. Sometimes, running away is the only option. If you are fast enough, you will reach your car without any problems. Drive on one of the roads to lose the chasers.

A successful escape has one problem - a police intervention reduces your score from S to B. More about that in "How to get an S rank?" chapter.

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