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Thief Simulator Guide

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Stealth in Thief Simulator Thief Simulator Guide and Tips

Stealth is one of the most important gameplay mechanics in Thief Simulator. Sadly, the Stealth mechanic doesn't work very well. This, combined with a rather poor tutorial, can cause players a few problems, especially when you want to rob a house that isn't empty. This chapter focuses on the stealth mechanic - read it to know how to use it to your advantage.

The stealth mechanic is rather basic and simple - you can activate it by pressing one button. Your character crouches - you move slower, make less noise, can rob houses while its residents are inside. This way of moving is also useful when you have to walk next to a short fence or under a window - an NPC on the other side of those obstacles won't notice you. Crouching also allows you to lean out from covers - use this option to see what is behind a corner without a risk of getting spotted.

The stealth mechanic has a few problems. These problems also can be caused by the game:

  1. Despite sneaking, NPCs (pedestrians or residents) can hear your character even from afar. This happens randomly without any rules - this bug will probably be fixed later with a patch.
  2. Besides moving quietly, you also have to pay attention to the actions you are performing. Doors, cabinets, drawers and other containers should be opened without making any noises by pressing the interaction button - otherwise, a nearby NPC can hear you and run towards the source of the sound. You can't also wave your flashlight - the light beam will alarm nearby NPCs (they can call for police).
  3. Watch out during certain missions that require you to break objects. Breaking a toilet or shattering dishes can alarm NPCs - they will call for police as soon as they hear you.
  4. Pay attention to an NPC's icon on the mini-map when you are sneaking past them - notice a white triangle in front of these icons. It represents an NPC's field of view - if you get caught in it, this character will notice you (avoid detection by hiding behind large objects).
  5. Don't put too much trust into the white triangle representing an NPC's field of view. Sometimes, your character can be detected even when you are outside of that triangle as if that NPC has "eyes in the back of their head". Better wait for that character to move away from you and then make a move.
  6. Watch for pedestrians when you are carrying large objects out of a house. They can call the police when they notice that you are carrying a TV or a painting. Throw your object on the ground when you are sure that confrontation with a pedestrian is inevitable - the NPC will simply walk past it. Once you are safe, pick up the item and continue your escape.
  7. Stop sneaking when you aren't on a parcel or when you don't have to hide. Crouching near a pedestrian can become suspicious - they won't call the police, but this can lower your score from the upcoming theft.

To sum up, your behavior should depend on where you are. Walk normally on the pavement. If you are inside a house, avoid making noises and getting detected by NPCs. Use your flashlight only when you really have to - you can even think about replacing it with Nightvision Goggles.

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