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Where to store useless items in Thief Simulator? Thief Simulator Guide and Tips

One of the two chests is located in your base. - Where to store useless items in Thief Simulator? - Tools and items - Thief Simulator Guide
One of the two chests is located in your base.

When you play Thief Simulator, you'll quickly overload your inventory and there'll be a problem - what to do with useless items? The most logical solution to this situation is to sell them in a pawn shop, but the local buyer does not offer excessive prices for such products. Instead, items can be stored and you may sell them later or, as in the case of jewelry, which can be disassembled into pieces.

There are two hiding places in the game:

  1. In the car you drive around the city. However, this storage has a capacity limit, it is a good idea to use it to store break-in tools to have quick access to them.
  2. On the ground floor of your hideout. The stash here has no capacity limit, so you can push literally anything into it - except for large items (such as TV or wall picture).

It's worth to keep as many items here as possible, which you can then sell within the BlackBay tab available on your computer. It is a kind of Ebay website, where you can sell stolen items that are currently being searched for. Prices are much higher than those of a usurer, so you can earn more cash. In addition, items can be kept for specific missions - these are available from the Rent-a-Thug tab. Sometimes there will be missions requiring the theft of specific items - e.g. several hard drives. If such a mission occurs and you have the disks in the cache, you will be able to carry it out immediately, gaining a powerful cash injection.

The jewelry items that will appear in more rich homes are also worthy of attention here. These items can be sold at the pawn show. You can also dismantle them into parts (using Jewelry Tools) - these items are worth much more when sold in parts than in the form of ready-made spinners.

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