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Thief Simulator Guide

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Which items are worth carrying as a thief in Thief Simulator? Thief Simulator Guide and Tips

Thief Simulator provides the player with a dozen or so different items, which can be used in robberies and burglaries. Each of them is useful for a different activity, they are also unlocked gradually as the game progresses. In this chapter of our guide you can find out which of them are worth carrying with you and which you should leave in the chest.

Since the game imposes a limit on the lifting capacity (which, of course, can be increased by investing in appropriate special abilities), you have to reckon with the fact that you cannot take all items on the mission - otherwise you will not have enough room for potential loot. It is therefore worth dividing the available items into 3 groups - important items, situational and not important ones.

There are a dozen or so items available in the game, which can be used during burglaries. - Which items are worth carrying as a thief in Thief Simulator? - Tools and items - Thief Simulator Guide
There are a dozen or so items available in the game, which can be used during burglaries.

Important items

Important items in Thief Simulator are required to steal anything during a burglary. These are the following:

  1. DIY Lockpick - a lockpick for opening the simplest locks. In the initial houses it is used to protect the main entrances, then it appears in the doors to individual rooms.
  2. Lockpick - a better version of the lockpick, which is used to open more complicated locks. It is quite common in the game and you will find a lot of this type of locks, so it is always worth having a lockpick with you.
  3. Mini Electric Lockpick - an electric lockpick that can be unlocked after a few hours of play. Successfully replaces an ordinary lock, allowing you to open locks quietly and automatically.
  4. Safecracking Tools - a tool thanks to which you can open safes hidden in the houses. Safes appear after a few hours of gameplay. Inside them you will often find very valuable items, or those that are required to complete the mission.
  5. Binoculars - Binoculars can be unlocked quite late in the game, but they're very useful. They not only allow you to check, from a safe distance, the daily schedule of the household members, but also the tools that will be required to open a given security device. The ideal item for planning a burglary.
  6. Glass Knife - a special knife with which you can cut a hole in the window pane and then open it. This is useful from the moment when the windows are protected by an alarm - breaking them with a crowbar activates the alarm, but not cutting the hole with a knife. Remember, however, that it is impossible to cut a hole in the glass on which a protective roller blind is installed.
  7. Hacking PDA - an item thanks to which you will be able to open the roller blinds protecting the windows. This way you will be able to escape through them in dangerous situations. However, the item works only from the inside - it is impossible to open the roller blinds while standing outside the house.
  8. Hacking Laptop - a more advanced version of Hacker's PDA. It allows you to open the roller blinds from the outside - just approach the roller blind and activate the device to remove the protection.

Situational items

Situational items are those that are useful when doing a robbery, but sometimes it may turn out that they are not that handy and not required. This group consists of the following items:

  1. Crowbar - an item that is useful for destroying damaged fences and getting inside the property. This item is only handy in a few places, and after a few hours of play, when you unlock access to better lofting and climbing opportunities, it will become much less useful.
  2. Climbing Gloves - gloves that allow characters to climb on lianas. This way you will be able to get to the first floor or pass through the fence. However, the item is only useful in a few locations - it's not worth taking care of such equipment where you can't climb.
  3. Car Lock Pick Gun - an item to open the door of a closed car that is not equipped with an alarm.
  4. Car key signal cloner - a more advanced version of the previous item. Just approach a car equipped with an alarm, activate the device and after a few moments turn off the alarm. Then just open the door and steal the car. Just like the previous item, it is only useful in case of car theft.
  5. Micro Camera - with this item you will be able to learn a daily schedule of the household members, by placing it in a letterbox and waiting 24 hours. However, this item is only useful if you do not have a registered daily schedule of the household members and if there is a letterbox in front of the house.
  6. Nightvision Goggles - the night vision device is useful when you are in the building and the windows have been shielded by the roller blinds, making it very dark in the room. This way you don't have to reveal your position with a flashlight.

Unnecessary items during robbery

In Thief Simulator there are also items that you shouldn't have in your inventory when making a burglary. This group includes the following items:

  1. Hacking Tools - equipment that will remove security from electronic components, such as laptops or hard drives. You will not be able to sell protected devices and media in a pawn shop. This item is used at the right station, at home - there is no point in taking such thing with you on robbery missions.
  2. Jewelry Tools - tools for disassembling jewellery into elements. This allows you to sell items at a higher price than during the sale of all stolen jewelry. This item is used at the right station, at home - there is no point in taking it with you on missions.
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