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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side endings - major supporting characters The Witcher 3 Guide

Fate of many people depends on Geralt's choices, especially ones whose story intertwined with Geralt's. Each of those key characters you will meet in the main storyline. In difference to previous ending options that are concluded at the end of the game, these can occur in various phases of the game.

Bloody Baron's fate

You meet Bloody Baron soon after you leave White Orchard. You decide his fate during few quests, from which The Whispering Hillock is most important. In this quest you decide whether you will help a ghost living in a tree or will you kill it. Depending on your decision one of two endings will occur:

  • If you release the ghost, baron's wife will die and he will kill himself - his soldiers will rule in Velen with brutal hand.
  • If the ghost is killed, then Anna will survive - Baron will take her to folk healer in the mountains, so the outcome will be similar - the military will rule

Sara's fate - Novigrad godling

In the Novigrad Dreaming quest you meet with Corrine Tilly. A godling Sara started living in her house. You can chase it away or let it stay in the house by lying to the owner that the house is haunted. Both decisions are positive:

  • If you make peace with Sara, she will befriend Corrine,
  • If you chase the creature from the house, she will go to the swamps where she will befriend someone else.

Keira Metz fate

You meet Keira Metz almost simultaneously with Bloody Baron. In addition to the main quest she offers few side quests to you. After a while Keira will want to go to Radovid...

  • You can offer Keira a safe haven in Kaer Mohren - positive ending,
  • If Keira gets to Radovid - she will die, similarly as if you ignore the side quests.

Junior's fate

Junior is one of the leaders of a criminal group from Novigrad. You will be trying to find him in a sequence of quests for Dijkstra. In the final confrontation you will have to decide whether you kill or spare him - both decisions will be harmless for the city.

  • Kill Junior - doppler Dudu will take his place - the criminal group will become harmless under his leadership.
  • Spare Junior - he will survive but be demoted and become harmless.

Mage's fate

You can decide on what happens with mages in Novigrad by starting or ignoring the Now or Never quest. Sadly, no matter what decision you make, both solutions are negative.

  • Complete the quest (mages run away) - the mages will survive, but people will be more hostile against inhumans,
  • Ignore the quest - the mages will be captured and murdered.
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