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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Achievements The Witcher 3 Guide

On this page you will find a list of all the achievements available in Witcher 3. You can obtain them both in the PC version of the game (Steam Achievements) and on consoles as well (Achievements on XONE and Trophies on PS4). In the description of each achievement you will find information on how to obtain it.

Lilac and Gooseberries

You must complete the main quest Lilac and Gooseberries. It's one of first quests so you will obtain this achievement very early in the game.

Power Overwhelming

You must activate all boost types from the Places of Power simultaneously. It is best to get this achievement while traveling through Velen and Novigrad. Unlock all Places of Power and memorize the bonuses they give. Visit one of each Place of Power types with the help of quick travel.

What Was That?

You must perform an attack, counter, activate a sign and drop any bomb in less than four seconds. It is best to start with counter, then quickly attack, drop a bomb and finally activate any sign. Enemies doesn't have to be hit with the bomb or a sign for the achievement to be obtained.

Something More

This achievement is awarded when you find Ciri during the main storyline. You can't miss this achievement.

Fiend or Foe?

You must complete the witcher contract concerning murdering the Morvuud.


You must develop one of the skill trees to maximum. It is easier to develop the tree from the fourth character tab because it has the less skills to unlock.

Pest Control

You must destroy all monster nests in Velen and Novigrad or on Skellige islands. Remember to replenish your bomb supply regularly.

Full Crew

You must recruit at least seven potential allies for the battle with the Wild Hunt that takes place later in the main storyline. It means that you must make proper decisions during the whole game (sending potential allies to Kaer Morhen). The choices have been described in our guide with walkthrough and world atlas.

Full Crew

You must recruit all potential allies to the final battle. It means you must make the right decisions through the whole game. The decisions can be found in our guide with walkthrough and world atlas.

Woodland Spirit

You must complete the witcher contract about killing the Woodland Spirit. You will learn about this quest while visiting Skellige islands.

Triple Threat

You must kill three enemies in single battle in at least three different ways. Available methods of enemy killing are hand combat, crossbow, melee combat, using witcher sign or bomb.

Passed the Trial

You will receive this achievement for completing the game on any difficulty level.

The Doppler Effect

You must solve the doppler trouble in Novigrad. One of the witcher contracts unlocked in the city is related to this.

Geralt and Friends

You must win a single gwent round while using only neutral cards. One of such cards is Zoltan Chivay, you can obtain it by winning one of the card duels in White Orchard. Neutral cards have blue marking.

Geralt: The Professional

You must complete all available witcher contracts. Their list can be found in our guide with walkthrough and world atlas.

Friends with Benefits

You must completed all side quests related to Keira Metz, your friend sorceress from Velen. At the end of the last quest you must leave her alone and walk away - you can't allow her to be killed!


You must obtain 6 unique bomb diagrams. It's a very simple achievement. Schematics can be found in the game world or bought from the merchants (preferably blacksmiths).

All In

During a gwent game, you must play three character cards in single round and additionally win whole game. It is better to try to gain this achievement later in the game, after you obtain more cards.

Card Collector

You must collect all gwent cards available in the game. New cards can be bought or won.

Kaer Morhen Trained

You must perform 10 successful counterattacks in a row while not allowing anyone to hit you. You can't parry. Try to get this achievement when facing larger bandits groups, although make sure there are no enemies with ranged weapons among them.

The King is Dead

You must defeat Eredin. It's part of the main storyline so you can't miss this achievement.


You must visit Tir on Lia and convince Ge'els to betray Eredin. It's part of further main quests and you can't miss this achievement.

Family Counselor

You must complete main quest "Family Matters", the one related to the baron from Crow's Perch and the search for his wife and daughter.

The Enemy of My Enemy

You must use Axii sign 20 times to convince some enemy to kill his ally. Activate this sign when facing larger bandit groups.

Gwent Master

You must defeat Tybalt in the grand card tournament organized in the brothel in Novigrad.

Brawl Master

You must complete all side quests related to fist fights. They are held in Velen, Novigrad and Skellige Islands.


You must read 30 books or other writings. You won't have any trouble with this achievement. Simply remember about thoroughly exploring the game world, collecting all books and notes and reading them from the inventory.


You must develop Geralt to 35 experience level.


You must fill all available mutagen slots in the character window. You can do it not sooner than after reaching 28 experience level. At that point you should have great amounts of mutagens.

Let's Cook

You must obtain 12 unique potion recipes. It's a very simple achievement. Recipes can be found in the game world or bought from the merchants (preferably from herbalists).


This achievement is related to one of the main quests on the Skellige islands about gathering information from Skjall's body. You can't miss it.

Fist of the South Star

You must win a fist fight without receiving any damage. It's easiest to gain this achievement in Velen, where Geralt faces weak enemies.

Fearless Vampire Slayer

You must complete a witcher contract about murdering Sarasti. You will unlock it while traveling through Velen.

Environmentally Unfriendly

You must kill 50 enemies with the use of environment. It's easier to do it by detonating poisonous gas on the swamps during battles with drowners and water hags. You can also look for places with bugs or exploding chests.


You must beat Olaf in fist fight. It can be done during a quest on the Skellige islands.

A Friend in Need

You must find and freed Dandelion.

Even Odds

You must kill two monsters from witcher contracts without using signs, potions, mutagens, oils and bombs. You can obtain this achievement at the beginning of the game or later, by picking a contract with much lower suggested character level that your current one (for example, a contract on the 6th level while you're on the 16th level).

Butcher of Blaviken

You must kill at least 5 enemies in less than 10 seconds. It's not a hard achievement. You can obtain it by attacking the weakest creatures on first experience level, like rats or wild dogs. You can help yourself with Igni sign or bombs with area of effect.


You must complete the witcher contract related to the Shrieker monster. You will learn about this quest by checking the notice board in Crow's Perch (Baron's home).

Master Marksman

You must kill 50 enemies with headshots performed with a crossbow. It is easier to eliminate common bandits in that way (attack smaller groups to avoid being surrounded while aiming with the crossbow).

Fast and Furious

You must complete all side quests related to horse races. There are eleven races to be won in total.

Humpty Dumpty

You must kill 10 enemies by throwing them in the air with Aard sign. It is best to fight enemies on high balconies or at the cliff's edge. After pushing them away with Aard sign they will die by falling from high.


You discover 100 signposts used for quick travel (green icons on the world map).

Ran the Gauntlet

You must complete the game on "Blood and Broken Bones" or "Death March" difficulty level.


You must complete the side quest "King's Gambit". It can be added to your journal while you're on the Skellige islands.


You must simultaneously place bleeding, poison and burning effects on enemy ten times. Try it after obtaining a weapon that gives those effects or upgrading your sword.

Armed and Dangerous

You must collect complete witcher gear set and put it on you. Witcher gear parts are obtained by completing treasure hunt quests. Each gear consists of few parts.

Ashes to Ashes

You must complete witcher contract about murdering Therezane. You will learn about it while you're in Novigrad.

Walked the Path

You must complete the game on the highest difficulty level.

Fire in the Hole

You must destroy 10 different monster nests with the use of bombs. First try to obtain schematics of bombs used for destroying nests. Then search for nests and blow them up. Each time you use all your bombs meditate to gain new ones.

Can't Touch This

You must kill 5 enemies in single battle without receiving any damage. Additionally, you can't use Quen sign for defense. You can easily obtain this achievement by facing weaker opponents (remember about dodging!) or while attacking drowners underwater with your crossbow.

Assassin of Kings

You msut participate in the assassination of king Radovid.

That is the Evilest Thing...

You must detonate the gas from Dragon's Dream bomb with the use of burning enemy ten times. After using the bomb to spray the gas burn the enemies with Igni sign.

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