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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Books and Scrolls p. 2 | Additional info The Witcher Guide

Ornithosaurs (400)

Sold by Antiquary (M8.15) in Temple Quarter.

Monsters: Wyvern, Royal Wyvern, Cockatrice, Basilisk.

Ingredients: Cockatrice Feather, Cockatrice Eye, Venom Glands, Wing Membrane, Toxin.

Swamp Plants (400)

The Brickmaker, can teach you everything about swamp plants. (M10.14)

Ingredients: Celandine, Beggartick Blossom, Fool's Parsley Leaves.

Subterranean Plants (300)

Sold by the Herbalist by the inn in the outskirts (M5.3).

Ingredients: Sewant Mushroom, Green Mold.

Field Plants (200)

Sold by Abigail (M5.33).

Ingredients: White Myrtle Petals, Hellebore Petals, Celandine, Balisse Fruit, Crow's Eye, Berbercane Fruit, Sewant Mushroom.

Ritual Plants (400)

Sold by Antiquary (M8.15) in Temple Quarter.

Ingredients: Allspice Root, Ergot Seeds, Wolfsbane, Mandrake, Han, Hop Umbels, Mistletoe.

Plants of the Barren Lands (600)

Can be bought from the Bookseller (M14.40) in Trade Quarter. In chapter IV you can also get it as a reward for Q4.106. Temptation.

Ingredients: Wolf Aloe, Bryonia, Verbena, Kapryfolium i Ginatia.

The Last Wish (800)

Sold by the Bookseller (M14.40) in Trade Quarter. In chapter V found in a chest (M36.4) in Striga's crypt.

Monsters: Ifrit.

Ingredients: Pyrite, Ectoplasm.

Animating the inanimate (150)

Sold by the Antiquary (M8.15) in Temple Quarter.

Monsters: Golem.

Ingredients: Golem Obsidian Heart.

Dice Collector's Journal (50)

Bought from Julian (M30.6).

Glossary: Poker.

Basics of Alchemy (70)

Found in the Reverend's house (M5.25).

Glossary: Additional substances.

The Double Cross of Alzur (200)

You can buy it from Julian (M30.6), or find it in Kalkstein's lab in chapter V (M33.16).

Monsters: Skullhead

Ingredients: Beast Fangs, Beast Liver, Tendons

The Rivian Pogrom (50)

To be found in Triss's house (M14.1).

Aftermath of the War (50)

It's in a cupboard (M33.19) in Old Vizima.

Glossary: Scoia'tael, Order of the Flaming Rose.

Swamp Monsters (200)

Inside a cupboard in the attic (M5.17).

Monsters: Drowner, Drowned Dead, Bloedzuiger.

Ingredients: Cadaverine, Ginatz's Acid, Drowner Brain Tissue, Drowned Dead Tongue, Abomination Lymph, Albar's Crystals, Bloedzuiger Blood.

Against Nonhumans (80)

Found in Haren Brogg's house (M5.49).

Glossary: Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Scoia'tael.

White Raffard's Decoction recipe (400)

You get is at the beginning of Q3.87. Lock and Key.

Recipe: White Raffard's Decoction.

Ithlinne's Prophecy (60)

In Reverend's Cellar (M5.25).

Glossary: Ithlinne's Prophecy.

The Frightener (50)

In a chest in the prologue (M4.9), Kaer Morhen upper floor.

Monsters: Frightener.

Ingredients: Frightener Claw, Frightener Eye.

Vizima Guide (60)

In a chest in Raymond's house (M8.2).

Location: Vizima.

Petri's Philter recipe (500)

Got in phase 3 of Q2.54. Gravedigger's Gratitude.

Recipe: Petri's Philter.

Hanged Man's Venom recipe (300)

Reward for completing Q2.53. Cannibal, if you spare Gramps' life. Also, you can buy it from the Hermit in the fields (M28.6).

Recipe: Hanged Man's Venom.

Maribor Forest recipe (300)

Bought from Elder Druid (M10.32) in the swamps.

Recipe: Maribor Forest.

De Vries' Extract recipe (400)

Got from Triss in phase 6 of Q3.63. The Source.

Recipe: De Vries' Extract.

Samum (600)

Got from Alchemist in the manufacture (M14.4) if you talk to him right.

Recipes: Samum, Brown Oil.

Secrets of the Southern Masters (400)

Got from Alchemist in the manufacture (M14.4) if you talk to him right.

Recipes: Devil's Puffball, Zerrikanian Sun.

Golem Heart (400)

Got in phase 2 of Q2.50. The Sentry.

Recipe: Golem's Pith.

Koshchey Heart

Found by Azar Javed's body.

Recipe: Koshchey's Core.

Striga Heart

Got in phase 9 of Q5.110. Her Highness the Striga.

Recipe: Striga's Urge.

Werewolf Fur (600)

Got in phase 2 of Q3.74. Diplomacy and Hunting.

Recipe: Werewolf's wrath.

Dragon's Dream (200)

Sold by the Antiquary (M8.15) in Temple Quarter.

Recipe: Dragon's Dream.

Elder Blood (80)

Found in various houses, for example in Temple Quarter (M15.15) in chapter III.

Disenchanting a Striga (120)

Sold by Julian (M30.6), and in chapter V found in the hospital (M33.5).

Dagon Secretions (800)

Found in phase 10 of Q4.90. Ripples, by Dagon's body.

Recipe: Dagon Sap.

Transmutations and Metamorphoses (80)

Sold by the Antiquary (M8.15) in Temple Quarter.

Characters: Kalkstein.

Specters, Wraiths and the Damned (400)

In a chest in the Order's outpost (M8.34).

Monsters: Noonwraith, Nightwraith, Wraith, Wild Hunt.

Ingredients: Death Dust, Shimering Dust, Ectoplasm, Shadow Dust.

Vodyanoi or the Fishpeople (600)

Sold by Bookseller (M14.40) in Trade Quarter, and in chapter IV got as a reward for Q4.91. Old Habits Die Hard.

Monsters: Vodyanoi priest, Vodyanoi warrior.

Ingredients: Vodyanoi Scales, Vodyanoi Bladdes, Stones of Ys, Tendons.

Vampires: Facts and Myths (600)

Sold by Bookseller (M14.40) in Trade Quarter, and in chapter IV got as a reward for Q4.97. Hunting the Wild Hunt.

Monsters: Fleder, Garkain, Alp, Bruxa.

Ingredients: Abomination Lymph, Wing Membrane, Alp Fangs, Naezan Salts, Bruxa Blod, Garkain Saliva.

The Great Book of Minerals (600)

Sold by the Alchemist (M14.34) in the Trade Quarte.

Ingredients: Sulfur, Ginatz's Acid, Wine Stone, Naezan Salts, Calcium equum, Phosphorus, Powdered Peart, Pyrite, Optima mater, Fifth Essence, Ducal Water, Albar's Crystals, Lunar Shards and Quicksilver Solution.

Invitation to Magic (70)

In a chest in Abigail's house (M5.32).

Glossary: Magic.

Zerrikanian Alchemy (200)

Sold by the Antiquary at the inn (M5.3).

Recipes: King and Queen, Crinfrid Oil.

Zerrikanian Insects and other vermin (110)

Sold by the Antiquary (M8.15) in Temple Quarter.

Druid's Herbarium (600)

Sold by the Elder Druid (M10.32) in the swamps.

Ingredients: Hellebore Petals, Allspice Root, Wolf's Aloe, Verbena, Mistletoe, Ginatia Petals.

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