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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side-quests - part 1 | Chapter V | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Qp.3. Berengar's Secret

Phase 17. An Ally

Flashback: If you spared Berengar's life, he appears just before you battle Javed - phase 12 of Q5.108. Sweet Revenge - to help you (quest over).

Phase 18. Medallion

Flashback: If you killed him, you now hold his medallion, which will greatly weaken Azar Javed.

Q1.12. Dice Poker

Phase 7. Legend

At the beginning of the chapter, in phase 6 of Q5.110. Her Highness the Striga, when you talk to king Foltest, you can play poker with him. If you win, you'll become a poker legend.

Qp.22. Fistfight

Phase 10. The Master

Zdenek is in refugees' cave (M34.11) in the swamps. When you defeat him, he tells you that he has a right of revenge.

Phase 11. Fighting the Master

Leave the cave and enter it again to defeat Zdenek for the second time. You'll get Boxer's Tooth.

Phase 12. Master of All Masters

Now you are the best fistfighter in Temeria.

Q3.61. Identity

Phase 7. Love

In chapter V, king Foltest asks you about Triss or Shani (depends which girl you treated better throughout the game). Your definition of this relationship adds another entry to your character's profile.

One more identity-based question is asked by Dandelion at the very end of the game. You are not able to check its impact on the quest, as the game ends a few seconds later.

Q3.67. Won't Hurt a Bit

Phase 5. The Boxer's Tooth

The Dentist can be seen again when you're back from the Cemetery at the swamps. Go to the tower (M33.28). Give him Zdenek's tooth for 250 orens.

Phase 6. The Jaw

He pays you 150 orens for Cementaur's Jaw.

Phase 7. Alp Fangs

He pays you 150 orens for Alp Fangs.

Phase 8. Devourer Teeth

He pays you 125 orens for Devourer Teeth.

When you provide all the teeth to Zahin, he'll give you the best steel sword in the game: a Dwarven Sihill.

Q5.111. Mud and Velvet

Phase 1. Money for the Cousins

When you're in the castle, talk to Anoinette (M32.1) and agree to give the money to her cousins who are hiding in the swamps.

Phase 2. Cousin Corbin

Corbin is in Druids' Cave (M34.2).

Phase 3. Cousin Buse

Buse is in Refugees' Cave (M34.10).

Phase 4. Cousin Ramerot

Ramerot is hiding in Refugees' Cave (M34.11).

Phase 5. Cousins

Now go back to the captain for your reward.

Phase 6. Reward

Captain Jean Pierre is near the gate in Old Vizima (M33.25). Tell him you found all three cousins.

Phase 7. Quest complete

You get 3 Dragon's Dreams as a reward.

Q5.112. The Wraith Contract

Phase 1. Death Dust

You can find this contract on the announcement board in Old Vizima (M33.6). The necessary knowledge is in the book Specters Wraiths and the Damned.

Phase 2. Loot

Wraiths are easily found in Raven's Crypt (M34.4) - or at the cemetery at night (M34.15). You need 4 portions of Death Dust.

Phase 3. Reward

Give the dust to Kalkstein (M33.16) for 300 orens.

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