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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side-quests - part 2 | Chapter IV | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Q4.94. The Paths of Destiny

Phase 1. The Crypt

Berengar is inside the crypt at the Lakeside (M26.17). When you kill 4 Bruxae with him (M27.2), this quest will become active. Remember to loot the bodies before you follow the witcher.

Phase 2. Monsters

After a while you'll have another conversation with him (M27.4). Three Alps appear.

Phase 3. Further Combat

Defeat the Alps.

Phase 4. The Final Encounter

Another conversation (M27.5) will be interrupted by three Alps and a Wraith.

Phase 5. Monsters Defeated

... kill those monsters.

Phase 6. Outside

After the job Berengar asks you to leave the cave with him and talk some more. Remember to loot the whole crypt. Berengar is waiting near his fireplace (M27.19).

Phase 7. Berengar's Confession

You won't hear much from him now - besides the fact that he helped Salamandra against his will.

Phase 8. Berengar

The Lady of the Lake is to be found on the Black Tern Island. Talk to her (M31.2) and notice that she looks pensive. She asks you to speak to Berengar.

Phase 9. Destiny

Tell Berengar (M26.19) that you saw the Lady. He tells you that it was his own will to work for the Salamandra and that he doesn't believe in fate.

Phase 10. A Gift

Speak to The Lady again (M31.2) and tell her that Berengar doesn't believe in fate, and she'll promise a gift for you.

Phase 11. The Sword

You get the sword Aerondight from the Lady at the end of Q4.90. Ripples. When you're on your way to the boat (M31.1), Berengar appears and tells you that he betrayed the witchers.

Important: There is a bug that keeps you from meeting Berengar (until patch 1.1a) - in this case, things will go on just as if you spared his life.

Phase 12. The Lakeside

If you spare his life (tell him you don't approve, but understand his decision), he'll give you 2 scrolls and a letter, in which he admits everything he's done. (quest is over)

Phase 12. Duel

If you tell Berengar to get out of your sight, you will have to fight him.

Phase 13. The Medallion

When you kill Berengar, search his body for 2 scrolls and a letter, as well as 850 orens. Also, you'll take his witcher's amulet.

If you let Berengar live, he'll join you in a battle against Azar Javed at the end of chapter V. If you decide to kill him, you'll get his medallion, which will make the battle with Azar much easier.

Q4.96. The Ancient Cementaur

Phase 1. The Cementaur

In the crypt at the fields (M28.3) you'll find a great cementaur named Ureus (M29.3). Kill it and take its head as a trophy.

Phase 2. A Reward

Take the head back to Tobias Hoffman (M30.3), the village chief, to get 800 orens.

Q4.97. Hunting the Wild Hunt

Phase 1. The Wild Hunt

The Hermit (M28.6) tells you to kill the ghosts who haunt the local druid stone circle. Its quite a difficult quest for a side one.

Phase 2. Mandrake

First you have to get some madrake - search in the fields (M28.7).

Phase 3. Wraiths

Ghosts can be found at night near the druid lantern (M28.9). Be sure to drink a Swallow before the combat. Kill the first group of ghosts (silver sword, fast or group style).

Phase 4. The Fire

Throw Mandrake into the lantern to keep yourself from dying in the coming battle - stay near the lantern.

Phase 5. More Wraiths

Kill more wraiths.

Phase 6. The Fire

When you have a few seconds to spare, throw more mandrake into the lantern - otherwise the King of the Wild Hunt will kill you.

Phase 7. Quest completed

Eventually you'll beat all the ghosts.

Phase 8. A Reward

Go back to the Hermit (M28.7) and choose one of the rewards:

  • a book Vampires: Facts and Myths
  • a key to a nearby house, where you can find two books and a fireplace
  • a wreath of immortelles (that's the only way you can get it, and it will help you at the end of Q4.105. The Heat of the Sun).

Also, you'll get some salt.

Q4.98. The Vodyan Priest

Phase 1. A Vodyan Priest

A fishlike priest named Teju is walking around the pond, accompanied by two Vodyanoi. Kill them and take his head as a trophy.

Phase 2. Reward

Give the head to Tobias Hoffman (M30.3) for 800 orens.

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