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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side-quests - part 4 | Chapter III | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Last update: Thursday, February 2, 2017

Q3.84. Blue Eyes

Phase 1. The Missing Sister

Patrick de Weyze (M14.13) tells you to find his sister.

Phase 2. Blue Eyes

In Night House (M14.5) you meet a blue-eyed girl who fits just right into Patrick's description.

Phase 3. Proof

Go back to Patrick. He wants an evidence.

Phase 4. Fang Marks

Go back to the Night House (M14.5). Blue-eyed girl wants 500 orens for a night (pay her at the start, she'll only raise her price if you barter). If you have the Night House Signet Ring (from Erkyn von Blunt, met at the party), you'll only pay half the price. After the sex talk to her once more and notice a scar on her neck.

PS. The same card (image of a nude girl, that is) can be acquired from a courtesan near the entrance of New Narakort (M14.13).

Phase 5. Control

Tell Patrick about the scar. Go to Night House again and go upstairs this time - meet the Night Lady (you have to beat the bouncer first) and ask her about the Blue-eyed girl.

Phase 6. Duel

If you decide to fight the Night Lady, you'll have to face 4 vampires, including herself.

Phase 7. Dead Vampires

Go downstairs and tell the blue-eyed girl the vampires are dead.

Phase 8. To the Knight

She'll be most disappointed.

Phase 9. Girl's Escape

Go back to see Patrick. You won't get any payment for your job (quest over).

Phase 10. A Life Spared

If you spare the Night Lady (she was a friend of Regis', your old buddy from the books!), you'll have the pleasure of having sex with vampires. After a while you will have to battle Patrick as well as some knights that followed you.

Phase 11. Another Point of View

When the knights appear, you'll have to decide who to support.

Phase 12. Against Vampires

If you go against the vampires...

Phase 13. Betrayal

... You'll get nothing but bad reputation...

Phase 14. Knight and his sister

... and nobody will like you afterwards.

Phase 15. Slaughter

If you remain neutral, the situation will get quite tough, because everyone will start to battle, and most people will target you for some reason. Only you and the blue-eyed girl will survive.

Phase 16. Neutral

Blue-eyes probably won't like to talk to you after all this - in this case go out of the building and enter it again. When you talk to her again, you'll eventually get 500 orens. (quest over).

Phase 17 - Side-quests - part 4 | Chapter III | Walkthrough - Quests | Chapter III - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Phase 17. Defying the Brother

If you decide to support the Night Lady, you'll have to deal with the knights...

Phase 18. A Knight's Death

... which means killing them all.

Phase 19. A New Vampiress

Your actions led to a new vampiress being born. You might consider it a tribute to Regis, who died by your side (yes, it was in the books, not in the game).

Q3.85. White Fang

Phase 1. The Wolf

Woref - a giant wolf - can be found in the swamp (M20.14). First get rid of its smaller minions (steel sword, group style), then deal with the beast itself (silver sword, strong style). Take the trophy from its body.

Phase 2. A Reward

Bring the trophy back to the Royal Huntsman (M14.10) and you'll get 600 orens.

Hint 32: If you have done 5 trophy-based quests, you'll get an additional reward: Perun Runestone.

Q3.86. Medic in Distress

Phase 1. Grandma

Near the hospital (M15.19) there's a troubled medic (around noon). Agree to help her.

Phase 2. The Location

When you look inside the house (M15.2)...

Phase 3. Thrown Out

... you'll get thrown out.

Phase 4. Monster Killed

Go there at night, when she is asleep. Go to the cellar and kill a Fleder in there.

Phase 5. The Quest is Completed

Go back to see the troubled medic (around noon) and tell her the monster is dead. You get 50 orens for your trouble.



In the trade quarter, on the street going from M14.1 to M14.19, there is a Noblewoman you can have sex with. Talk to her and she will come on to you pretty strong. She wants the part of a monster to show to her friends. I started giving her the liver of a beast but she refused it, saying she wanted a Kikimore claw. Slay a Kikimore worker at night for a claw and give it to her - you'll get a nice card...
(submitted by: Roland de Ronceveaux)

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