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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side-quests - part 2 | Chapter III | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Q3.66. Dice Poker: The Sharper

Phase 1. Too Good For Me

Talk to Koster in the gambling den (M14.25) and you'll know that you have to become a professional before you can challenge him (Q2.32 Dice Poker: The Professional).

Phase 2. Entering the Gambling Den

When you become a professional player, you can play Koster.

Phase 3. The Gambling Den

Beat Koster.

More gamblers to be found in chapter IV.

Q3.67. Won't Hurt a Bit

Phase 1. The Beast's Teeth

Zahin Schmartz (M15.7) will buy some monster teeth from you.

Phase 2. The Beast's Teeth

Bring him The Beast's Teeth to get 50 orens, but what he really wants is...

Phase 3. Fleder Fangs

He's eager to pay 100 orens for Fleder Fangs.

Phase 4. Cemetaur Jaw

Update: He's eager to pay 150 orens for Cemetaur Jaw(submitted by: Roland de Ronceveaux).

Phase 5. Barghest Skull

Update: He will buy a Barghest Skull (if you have any left from Chapter I) for 50 orens. (submitted by: Roland de Ronceveaux).

Phase 5. Alp Fang

Update: Give Alp Fang to Zahin Schmartz. Open up new quest. (submitted by: bay101).

You can sell more teeth to him in the epilogue.

Q3.68. Six Feet Under

Phase 1. The Cemetery

Siegfried (M15.10) tells you that there's something strange going on at the cemetery. In the middle of the graveyard (M22.1) you see a talking ghoul named Vetala.

Phase 2. Talking Ghoul

If you decide to kill it ...

Phase 3. Vetala Killed

... you will have to face him, one graveir and two ghouls.

Phase 4. Quest complete

At the end you have to go back to Siegfried (M15.10) for your reward - 200 orens (quest over).

Phase 5. The Commando

If you decide to save Vetala, you'll know that there's a Scoia'tael Commando walking around the cemetery.

Phase 6. A Choice

The Commando is near the entrance to the crypt (M22.2). One more choice to make: kill them or save the trapper people.

Phase 7. Battle the elves

If you decide to kill the Squirrels...

Phase 8. Siegfried Displeased

... Siegfried (M15.10) pays you 100 orens (quest over).

Phase 9. The Rescue

If you want to help those who are trapped in the crypt, find them in the furthest hall (M23.2) Kill all the ghouls.

Phase 10. Siegfried Satisfied

Tell Siegfried of your success (M15.10). You'll get a bonus - 400 orens. It's the best solution to this quest.


You have to finish Q3.68. Six Feet Under before you initiate Q3.73 Echoes of Yesterday to get the full xp and money reward. If Q3.73. is initiated, reporting to Siegfried will give you the reward but automatically fail Q3.88. Gold Rush. Q3.88. is actually initiated by Echoes of Yesterday and not by "Posh Reception" (probably a game version/patch discrepancy).
(submitted by: Roland de Ronceveaux)

Q3.70. The Ring

Phase 1. The Ring

There's a merchant at the Dike (M19.1) who asks you to retrieve his family ring.

Phase 2. Additional Information

When you ask him about where to look for it, you'll find out that it's on a body near Melitele shrine at the swamp.

Phase 3. Lost Property

Loot the body (M20.7) to find the ring.

Phase 4. Reward

Give the ring back to the merchant (M19.1) at the Dike. You'll get 100 orens.

Q3.71. Beauty and the Beast

Phase 1. The Cure

When you meet Carmen at the swamp (M20.2), offer her your help in finding a cure for her beloved.

Phase 2. Three Ways

Talk to the Hierophant (M20.10) about werewolves. He tells you how to cure it. First you have to talk to Carmen's beloved.

Phase 3. A Most Mysterious Werewolf

Carmen (M15.18) doesn't want to tell you anything.

Phase 4. Vincent the Werewolf

After leaving the Salamandra's hideout (M14.42) in phase 10 of Q3.87. Lock and Key you will see a scene in which the werewolf strikes down a group of Salamandra thugs. In a while you'll know that the werewolf is actually Vincent. This quest will end if you decide to kill him (you get Werewolf Fur for that). If you let him live, the quest will go on.

Phase 5. Cooperation

Go to see Carmen (M15.18) and tell her you know who her beloved is.

Phase 6. Fool's Parsley

The cure consists of 5 portions of Fool's Parsley. Read Swamp Plants to know how it looks.

Phase 7. To Carmen

Fool's Parsley grows at the swamp. Look for it near the golem cemetery (M20.15).

Phase 8. Other Methods

Give the leaves back to Carmen (M15.18).

Phase 9. Failure

After a while Carmen tells you that the cure didn't work.

Phase 10. Kalkstein's Medicine

Go to Kalkstein who's still in the tower (M20.6) and ask him for lycanthropy cure (remember about the teleports). Kalkstein agrees to help you, but needs a while to work.

Phase 11. A Virgin's Tear

Go outside and visit Kalkstein again. Take the cure and start your search. You need to find a virgin.

Phase 12. A Potion for Carmen

If you thought that Carmen was a virgin, you were wrong just like we were. Go to the hospital and ask one of the nurses for a tear.

Phase 13. The Remaining Methods

Give the cure to Carmen (M15.18).

Phase 14. Failure

Carmen tells you that this cure didn't work either.

Phase 15. Desperate Means

The only thing left to try is, well, true love - tell Carmen about it.

Phase 16. Love

After you talk to Carmen, you know that she really loves Vincent. He seems to be more fond of his work, however.

Phase 17. Talking to Vincent

Vincent is either in the dungeon (M15.1) or by the gate (M15.8). Talk to him about the true love.

Phase 18. The Curse is Lifted

Go back to Carmen and how her how things are going. It turns out that their love truly grows.

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