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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Main quests - part 3 | Chapter III | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Last update: Thursday, February 2, 2017

Q3.69. The Viziman Connection

Phase 1. Deliveries

This quest is a continuation of Q3.64. Following the Thread.

Phase 2. Deliveries in the Sewer

From a letter found in the chest you know that the supplies come through the sewers and are received by a big grate (M16.16). Go there.

Phase 3. Gellert

At the spot you'll see a pack of thugs led by Gellert Bleinheim. Kill them to finally get rid of one of Salamandra's bases mentioned by Leuvaarden in Q3.60. Posh Reception.

Phase 4. The Amulet

Loot Gellert's body to find a key to Salamandra's secret code.

Phase 5. Job Done

Go back to Jethro (M15.1) and tell him of your success. You'll get 200 orens.

Q3.72. Reaping Time

Phase 1. Brickmakers

Ask Vaska about her problems (M20.5) and promise to rescue the missing brickmakers.

Phase 2. Salamandra in the Cave

One of the groups is in the cave (M20.8).

Phase 3. The Cave

Talk to the freed brickmakers.

Phase 4. Salamandra in the Glade

The other group is in the glade (M20.9).

Phase 5. Saved Brickmakers

Talk to the freed brickmakers.

Phase 6. Salamandra by the Tower

The last group is near the tower (M20.11).

Phase 7. Saved Brickmakers

Talk to the freed brickmakers.

Phase 8. The Community of the Lord's Worshippers

Now you can tell Vaska (M20.5) that you've done your job. You'll be accepted into their Cthulhu-like society and given a book Hymns of Madness... as well as a hint to speak with the Hierophant (M20.10).

Q3.74. Diplomacy and Hunting

Phase 1. Bleinheim's Death

Go to the swamp encampment (M20.12) and kill all Salamanders, including Roland Bleinheim.

Phase 2. The Coded Message

Loot his body to find a coded message, a king's letter and some werewolf fur. Take everything. This way you've cleared out one of the Salamander bases that Leuvaarden mentioned at the end of Q3.60. Posh Reception.

Q3.87. Lock and Key

Phase 1. Leuvaarden's Request

This quest is given to you after Q3.60. Posh Reception. Salamandra's camps are in the swamp (M20.12) and in the sewers (M16.16). You'll also get a recipe for White Raffard's Decoct.

Phase 2. The Documents

Go to both spots (included in Q3.64. Following the Thread, Q3.69. The Viziman Connection and Q3.74. Diplomacy and Hunting). Loot the bodies of Roland and Gellert Bleinheim for a Coded Message and a Key to Salamandra's code.

Phase 3. Analyzing the Documents

Go back to Leuvaarden (M14.13) with the documents.

Phase 4. The Officer

Give the merchant some time to analyze the documents (leave the inn and enter it again). You'll know the password and a response that let you contact one of the officers patrolling the trade quarter.

Phase 5. Fiasco

Before you meet the right man...

Phase 6. Mistaken

... you'll be mistaken two times.

Phase 7. The Salamandra Hideout

The third time round you'll get the right man and know that between midnight and 2 AM you are to be in a certain spot in the sewers (M16.10).

Phase 8. Salamandra Territory

Use the ladder that leads to the northern part of the quarter and enter the hideout (M14.42).

Phase 9. The Peeper

Before you engage some Salamandra officers and their mage, you'll have a chance to do a little eavesdropping. Try to deal with the mage in the first place. Loot his body to find a key to Salamandra base. Be sure to use the mirror to talk to Radovid. It will push forward a quest Q3.62. All the King's Men.

Phase 10. The Magic Stone

Take a Magic Stone from a table.

Phase 11 - Main quests - part 3 | Chapter III | Walkthrough - Quests | Chapter III - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Phase 11. Radovid

After leaving the hideout (M14.42) you'll see a scene in which a werewolf kills a bunch of Salamandras. In a second you'll know that the werewolf is actually Vincent. You can either tell him about your conversation with Radovid or not.

Phase 12. Werewolf killed

You can choose whether to kill Vincent...

Phase 13. A Life Spared

... or let him live.

Phase 14. To Triss

Go back to the inn (M14.13). Talk to Leuvaarden, and he'll tell you to talk to Triss.

Phase 15. A Plan

Triss asks you for a while alone with Leuvaarden - go out of the inn and back.

Phase 16. Investigation Complete

Talk to Triss or Leuvaarden - this quest will be over, and another one will commence: Q3.89. The Unforgiven.

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