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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side-quests - part 6 | Chapter II | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Last update: Thursday, February 2, 2017

Q2.48. Bloodthirsty Vegetation

Phase 1. Archespore

Coccacidium is a deadly plant that you can find at the Swamps (M10.8). It's a nasty opponent, to say the least, especially at this early stage of the game. Drink a Swallow and a Golden Oriole, then use the silver sword against it (strong style, also use Igni sign). Loot the body to get a trophy for Vincent.

Phase 2 - Side-quests - part 6 | Chapter II | Walkthrough - Quests | Chapter II - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Phase 2. A Reward

Give the trophy to Vincent (M8.44, M8.23) to get 400 orens.

Q2.52. A Lost Lamb

Phase 1. Lost Boy

This is the second quest you get from Vaska (after doing Q2.50. The Sentry). Go to Druids' Grove to look for the missing boy.

Phase 2. The Dryad

Go to Druids' Grove (M10.32) and ask the Druids about the boy. They'll tell you to ask Morenn about that.

Phase 3. To Vaska

Morenn (M10.33) tells you that dryads only kidnap little girls and are not interested in boys - little boys, at least.

Phase 4. A Promise

Tell Vaska (M10.16) that the druids don't have the boy. Promise her that you'll bring him back if you find him.

This quest is continued in chapter III.

Q2.53. The Cannibal

Phase 1. Maneater

When you enter the abandoned hut (M10.18) and approach the table, you'll notice that a maneater is living here.

Phase 2. Cannibal Gramps

After doing Q2.47. Pilgrimage, Gramps will be back in his hut - talk to him and he'll admit that he's the cannibal.

Phase 3. A Life Spared

You can let him live...

Phase 4. Information

... and in this case he'll give you a recipe for Hanged Man's Venom (quest ends).

Phase 5 - Side-quests - part 6 | Chapter II | Walkthrough - Quests | Chapter II - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Phase 5. Monster

You can also kill Gramps...

Phase 6. Death of a Cannibal

... and in this case he'll run away and join forces with a group of Echinops. Move away from the plants and kill Gramps when he approaches you. Loot his body for a potion and an amber.

Q2.54. A Gravedigger's Gratitude

Phase 1. The Permit

Ask the Gravedigger if he can let you into the cemetery (you can do that in phase 3 of Q2.49. Anatomy of the Crime).

Phase 2. The Pass (or Thaler)

If you finished the quest Q2.26 Suspect: Vincent Meis, go to Vincent (M8.44) and ask him for a pass to the cemetery. If you finished Q2.31. Suspect: Thaler, deal with the matter of Gravedigger's debts with him (M8.26).

Phase 3. The Entry to the Cemetery

Go back to the Gravedigger and tell him that you can now enter the Cemetery. You'll get a key and a recipe for Petri's Philter.

Phase 4. The Cemetery is Open

You can now enter.

Phase 5. The Discovery

Inside the crypt (M12.3) in the graveyard you'll find Raymond's body (M13.7). True Raymond's body. Search it to automatically finish all the "suspect" quests.

Phase 6 - Side-quests - part 6 | Chapter II | Walkthrough - Quests | Chapter II - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Phase 6. Raymond's Body

Give the key back to the Gravedigger (M8.36) (you'll still be able to enter the cemetery) and tell him about your findings.

Q2.55. A Most Uncommon Wine

Phase 1. Good Wine

You can meet Conrad during the night at the Hairy Bear (M8.24). The youngster will tell you to find a particular type of wine.

Phase 2. To the Inn

You have to find a bottle of Very Old Wine. It's in an abandoned house's cellar (M8.3). You have to defeat Graveirs to get rid of them.

Phase 3. Quest Completed

Give the wine back to Conrad. There's no reward whatsoever.

another option instead of giving the wine to Conrad, is to place it in your storage and confront him... he'll tell you he has no money... so he'll just take 1 bottle and you can keep the rest. However you can just say "Sorry - I really don't have it with me!" - And you can keep all three. (submitted by prgm_mgr)

Q2.56. Flowers and Gold

Phase 1. Beggartick Flowers

Yaren Bolt (M10.22) tells you about valuable Beggartick Flowers. You have to find 5 of them for him. If you didn't have the appropriate journal entry, you'll get the necessary info from Yaren himself.

Phase 2. The Ferryman

The necessary Beggartick Flowers can be found at (M10.27).

Phase 3. Cash Settlement

Give 5 Beggartick Flowers to the Ferryman (M10.1) for 400 orens.

Phase 4. Share in the Profits

Go back to Yaren (M10.22). If you decide to share the money with him, you'll part as friends. If you don't, you'll have another enemy on your list.

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