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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Investigation explained | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Your main objective in chapter II is to investigate in order to find Azar Javed. Your investigation begins in cooperation with a local detective, Raymond (M8.2), as a part of Q2.27 Vizima Confidential. In order to expose Azar you have to work on 6 suspects. These include: Ramsmeat, local underground leader, Thaler the fence, city guard captain Vincent Meis, alchemist Kalkstein, merchant Leuvaarden and a dwarf named Golan Vivaldi. Accusing any of them is always a mistake from your side - if you want to make things right, you have to prove their innocence. The guide doesn't follow all the wrong decisions you might take - but we have all the right ones in stock.

The funny thing is that all the suspects are innocent, and beginning from phase 15 of Q2.27. Vizima Confidential, Raymond is actually dead - Azar himself is impersonating him by using his magical skills. Your decisions determine whether you find out about his trick or not, and the consequences of your choices here will play their part at the end of chapter III. Here is probably the shortest way to deal with the problem:

  • Finish the quest Q2.23. Prison Break and go to Raymond's house (M8.2), thus beginning Q2.27. Vizima Confidential.
  • When conducting the research, finish Q2.28 The Crown Witness and gain Kalkstein's trust along with the quest Q2.29 Mysterious Tower (2 books for that).
  • Take a suspect list from Raymond (Ramsmeat, Leuvaarden, Thaler) and talk to each of them. This way all the "Suspect" quests should enter phase 2.
  • When Azar, impersonating Raymond from now on, tells you to perform autopsy, go to the Gravedigger (M8.36) and initiate Q2.65. Gravedigger's Gratitude.
  • Now you will have to prove either Thaler's or Vincent's innocence (Q2.31. Suspect: Thaler or Q2.26. Suspect: Vincent Meis). Thaler will cancel the gravedigger's debt, and Vincent will give you a pass to the cemetery. Either way you'll get access to the graveyard.
  • Go back to Azar-Raymond (M8.2) and don't tell him you found out the truth, in order to set a trap for him near the Stone Tower (M10.19) on the swamp.
  • Finish the quest Q2.29 Mysterious Tower (and all the sub-quests related), and then Q2.58 Monoliths, then enter the tower.

After leaving the tower with the book you found there, you'll expose Azar. Chapter II will be over when you battle him and the Professor.

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