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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Main quests - part 1 | Chapter II | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Last update: Thursday, February 2, 2017

This is the longest chapter in the game. Main quests that see you through it are: Q2.23 Prison Break, Q2.27 Vizima Confidential, Q2.29 A Mysterious Tower and Q2.58. Monoliths. Vizima Confidential has two side-quests: Q2.28 The Crown Witness and Q2.49. Anatomy of a Crime, and so does Mysterious Tower: Q2.50 The Sentry and Q2.51 Clay Pits. Also, there's still that Qp.4. Witchers' Secrets quest going on from the Prologue.

Qp.4. Witchers' Secrets (continued)

Phase 5. Detective

When talking to Siegfried in the sewers (phase 6 of Q2.23 Prison Break) you'll know that he knows a detective in Vizima who can help you.

Phase 6. Vizima Confidential

The detective lives in a house (M8.2) just by the entrance to the sewers. Talk to him. You'll start a new quest, Q2.27 Vizima Confidential.

Phase 7. Azar Javed

When you complete Q2.27 Vizima Confidential (thus going to chapter III), Azar Javed will have been exposed.

Quest will be continued in Chapter III.

Q2.23. Prison Break

Phase 1. Thug

Play the dice with elven convict (you'll get a set of dice from him if you don't have any). After the game Vincent will enter the dungeon. You'll have to beat a muscleman in hand-to-hand combat to win the right to fight the Cockatrice.

Phase 2 - Main quests - part 1 | Chapter II | Walkthrough - Quests | Chapter II - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Phase 2. Victory (or Defeat)

Defeat the muscleman and talk to Vincent (if the muscleman beats you, speak to him as well). The conversation will advance Qp.3. Berengar's Secret and Q2.24. Memory of a Blade.

Phase 3. Sword

When you leave the dungeon, Jethro will give you a silver sword and 2 potions: Cat and Blizzard.

Phase 4. Cockatrice's Nest

In the sewers you'll meet Siegfried (M7.3) who also is hunting the cockatrice. If you ask him what he knows about them, you'll get an appropriate journal entry. You can join forces with him or decide to do this on your own. Siegfried is useful mostly due to the fact that he's holding a torch so that you don't have to use Cat here.

If you take him on your hunt, Siegfried will later be standing near the city gates (M8.4) and let you enter the Dike.

If you decide to take the monster by yourself, Siegfried will be standing near the hospital (M8.30) and let you enter without any problems.

Phase 5. Trophy

Defeating the Cockatrice is not difficult - silver sword and fast style should get you through. Just in case you might want to drink up one Swallow. When the monster hurls into the air to strike you, you can push it with Aard. From its dead body (its location is generally random, search for it in M7.7 or M7.10) take the Maal'kad Sephirah and Cockatrice's Head. Picking up the trophy activates the quest Q2.25. The Beast from the Sewer. Even if you're not fighting along with Siegfried, he'll make his appearance - follow him and by the exit (M7.14) he'll give you a key to the gate.

Phase 6. Bandits

Near the exit two hired mercenaries will attack you. Defeat them. When you talk to Siegfried after beating them, you'll start to suspect that he was the one who framed you. This will activate Q2.27. Suspect: Vincent Meis.

Phase 7. Skoffin

All that's left for you now is to leave the dungeon, talk to Vincent and confiscate your belongings.

Phase 8. Deposit

Go to Jethro (M8.23) and talk to him. He'll officially discharge you and let you take your belongings from a chest. You can also check out the nearby barrel.

Q2.27. Vizima Confidential

Phase 1. The Investigations Begins

Talk to Raymond (M8.2) and you'll know that he has some info on Salamandra.

Phase 2. Money for the Detective

In order for Raymond to start his investigation, you have to pay him 100 orens (this phase doesn't even appear if you give him the money the first time you talk to him or if you mention Azar Javed).

Phase 3. Vincent

If during the conversation you ask him if that's a personal matter or a commission, he'll tell you a story from his life. He'll also tell you about a captured Salamandra member and about Vincent's weird behavior. This information will initiate Q2.28 The Crown Witness. Ask him about the prisoner to find out that he's probably one of the leaders. When you leave Raymond's house, you'll be attacked (it'll be tough without a steel sword - we recommend group style).

Phase 4. Witness

Before you deal with the bandits, you'll know about a trap set for you by one of the best Salamandra's agents.

Phase 5. Conclusion

This phase begins together with phase 5 of Q2.28 The Crown Witness.

Phase 6. The alchemist's trust

This phase begins together with Q2.28 The Crown Witness.

Phase 7. The alchemist's trust

You'll start getting trust by taking a quest from Kalkstein, such as Q2.29. Mysterious Tower.

Phase 8. Conversation with Raymond

When you have both books, read them and tell Kalkstein about it, go back to Raymond (M8.2) (if you did this part of Q2.29. Mysterious Tower earlier, you can talk to Raymond immediately after leaving his house for the first time).

Phase 9. Assault

When you enter Raymond's house (M8.2) you will have to defend him against three Salamandra bandits.

Phase 10. The Suspects

After you talk to Raymond, he'll give you his notes on main suspects: Ramsmeat, Thaler and Leuvaarden. These will initiate the appropriate quests (if you haven't started them in any other manner already). You'll have to interrogate them all.

Phase 11. Ramsmeat

This phase begins together with phase 2 of Q2.38 Suspect: Ramsmeat.

Phase 12. Thaler

This phase begins together with phase 2 of Q2.38 Suspect: Thaler.

Phase 13. Further interrogations

This phase begins after you interrogate two suspects. You have to talk to the remaining one: Leuvaarden (M9.10).

Phase 14. Contact

When you push all the Suspect-quests to phase 2, wait for Raymond to contact you.

Phase 15. The Meeting

When you get back to Temple Quarter from the Dike, a boy will approach you and say that you are expected at Raymond's house (M8.2). Raymond want you to pay him 200 orens for further work.

Phase 16. Autopsy

The detective (notice that your medallion is moving, and there's some Fisstech on the table) you'll know that the prisoner has been moved to the hospital after Q2.28 The Crown Witness and then died. To solve the mystery of his death, you'll have to perform autopsy with Shani. This initiates Q2.49 Anatomy of a Crime.

If you go to the cemetery - Q2.54. Gravedigger's Gratitude - and find Raymond's body in one of the crypts (M13.7), you won't have to perform autopsy anymore. Go to Raymond-Azar (M8.2) and move to phase 19.

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