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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Map M10 - Swamp | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Swamp is a dangerous location at all times - Map M10 - Swamp | Walkthrough - Maps | Chapter II - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Swamp is a dangerous location at all times. Before going there, try to train in group style combat with silver sword before venturing here.

Important: During your first visit here, you'll have to fight a special kind of Archespore - Coccacidium, which is a very tough monster to battle for this moment. It keeps appearing in various spots around the map until you finally kill it. Have some Swallows and Golden Orioles on you. Book on Golden Orioles can be found at Thaler's place (M8.26).

1. Ferryman. He'll take you back to the Dike.

2. Jean Pierre, headhunter. He can tell you about Leo Bonhart (a character from the original Witcher books).

3. Gramps - here is where you first meet him.

4. Fireplace.

5. Clay pits.

6. Mutilated corpses. Search them for: Salamander Brooch, Split Salamander Brooch, 2x De Vries' Extract. Scars indicate that these people died by the sword.

7. Vodyanoi altar. You can place items on it, they'll be swapped for something else during the night.

8. Coccacidium. A very tough opponent - if you can do it, slay it the first time you see it. If you don't it'll reappear in various spots of the swamps. You'll find some Archesphore ingredients by its body.

9. Place of power.

10. Melitele shrine and a place of power.

11. Fireplace and an Old Brickmaker.

12. Hut. A book Story of Lara Dorren and Cregan of Lod is to be found here. A barrel is in front of the house.

13. Hut.

14. Hut. Brickmaker inside will tell you about swamp plants (beggartick, fool's parsley and crow's eye) for 50 orens, some honey or a shawl (choose either one). There are 3 barrels behind the hut.

15. Hut. Inside: Ithlinne's prophecy.

16. Vaska's hut.

17. Body.

18. Abandoned hut. Inside: Ain Soph Aur.

19. Stone tower. You'll get inside after completing Q2.58. Monoliths. Inside you'll see a power circle that'll teach you Axii sign. Also, there's a chest: Tower Mage Book, White Raffard's Decoction, Red Meteorite.

20. Cave (map M11). Inside there are Wolves and Sewants.

21. Fireplace.

22. Lumberjacks' Glade. One of the lumberjacks can sell you Wives' Tears recipe, Sodden Mead, and a Silver Ring, all for 200 orens (150 if you barter).

23. Fireplace. Nearby there are two bins to be searched. When you're here during Q2.57. Worth its weight in gold, you'll meet Siegfried and some of his men here.

24. Body.

25. Golem cemetery.

26. Fireplace and a body.

27. A lot of beggartick blossoms.

28. Fireplace and two bodies. Gold Sapphire Ring is on one of them. A lot of Alghouls appear here during the night.

29. Place of power.

30. Wyvern island. There's a body to be found, with some items on it: Blood-stained letter, Silver ring, Silver Amber Ring and a sword Harvall.

31. Body.

32 - Map M10 - Swamp | Walkthrough - Maps | Chapter II - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

32. Druids' Grove. In here you'll meet some druids, an elder druid, Morenn, Yaevinn and some friendly beasts.

33. A power circle - you'll learn Yrden sign here.

34. Golem surrounded by three pylons.

35. Nonhuman encampment with 4 fireplaces in it.

36. Ten monoliths, where you have to place the right Sephirahs at the end of Q2.58. Monoliths.

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