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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side-quests - part 2 | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Last update: Thursday, February 2, 2017

Q1.14. The Monster of the Lake

Phase 1. The Monster of the Lake

When you kill Nadir (M5.54) take the trophy from its body (Head of the drowner) and this quest will be initiated.

Phase 2. Collected by payment.

When you give the trophy back to the hunter (M5.9) he'll pay you 200 orens.

Q1.17. King of the Crypt

Phase 1. King of the Crypt

After completing Q1.16. Buried Memories, you can access the remaining part of the crypt (M5.39) and deal with Ozzrel (M6.11). Take Alghoul's head from its body to activate this quest.

Phase 2. Trophy

Take the head back to the hunter (M5.9) to get 200 orens.

Q1.19. Hot Potato

Phase 1. The Parcel

After completing Q1.18 Strangers in the night ask Haren if he has any more job for you. He'll give you a package to deliver to the Hairy Bear inn in Vizima.

This quest is continued in chapter 2.

Q1.20. Dead Hand of the Past

Phase 1. The Cave

You'll get this quest from a merchant Leuvaarden, whom you can meet inside the inn (M5.3). Look for his friend inside the cave (M5.56).

Phase 2. Remains

It's good to have a Cat potion with you on this one. Inside you'll have to battle some Echinops. You'll see human remains by one of them.

Phase 3. The Burial

Take them back to Leuvaarden, and he'll tell you that he wishes his friend to be buried in the Reverend's chapel. If you lit the fire in all chapels (phase 3 of Q1.5. Of Monsters and Men), then the Reverend will let you bury the man and enter the chapel (M5.22).

Go underground and place the remains in the sarcophagus - Side-quests - part 2 | Walkthrough - Quests | Chapter I - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Go underground and place the remains in the sarcophagus. The King of the Hunt appears (a slight reference to the books). You can do the conversation in a few various ways, but if you don't deny the existence of fate, he'll force you to fight Leo's ghost. If you defeat it, you'll find Red Meteorite by its body.

Phase 4. Payment

Go to the inn to collect your reward.

Phase 5. Companion buried

You'll get 200 orens for your trouble.

Q1.21. She's no early bird

Phase 1. The Rape

If you compliment Vesna in the inn (M5.3), you'll meet her at the crossroads (M5.58), surrounded by thugs. If you decide to help her, you'll have to defeat them all. Search their bodies - you have a chance of finding some booze by them.

Phase 2. To Grandma's house

Vesna wants you to escort her to her grandma's house (M5.24) - agree to that.

Phase 3. Barghests attack

When you go past the second chapel, you'll be attacked by Barghests.

Phase 4. Another attack

More Barghests can be found by the next chapel. Try to concentrate on those who attack Vesna -she's much weaker than you, and if she dies, then the quest is lost. May we recommend group fighting style, as it will attract the enemies to you.

Phase 5. A Date

When you escort Vesna to her house (M5 - Side-quests - part 2 | Walkthrough - Quests | Chapter I - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

When you escort Vesna to her house (M5.24), don't forget to ask her for a meeting. She'll tell you to meet her in the mill (M5.57) after the sun goes down. You are to bring a bottle of wine.

Go to the mill after dusk (M5.57) and give her the bottle.

Qp.22. Fistfight (continued)

Phase 2. Fighting Fat Fred

Fred can be found inside the inn (M5.3). You can challenge him.

Phase 3. Fat Fred Defeated

When you beat him, you'll be able to choose a reward for you. Silver Diamond Ring seems to be the most valuable of the lot.

This quest is continued in chapter II.

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