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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side-quests - part 1 | Chapter I | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Qp.3. Berengar's Secret

Phase 1. Berengar

This quest is initiated by talking to Vesemir at the end of the prologue.

Phase 2. Berengar in the Outskirts

Talk to the Reverend (M5.22, M5.25) when you first have the chance.

Phase 3. Pursued by Salamander

When you enter the Salamander's hideout (M5.11) in phase 9 of Q1.6 Salamander's Tail, you'll know from one of the thugs that Berengar was being interrogated by them, but managed to flee to Vizima.

This quest is continued in chapter II.

Q1.7. Wanted

Phase 1. Professor

There's a wanted note on the announcement board (M5.3). When you read it, you'll know that there is a reward for catching the Professor - dead or live - of 1000 orens.

This quest is continued in chapter II.

Q1.8. The Barghest Contract

Phase 1. Barghest skulls

There's a note on the announcement board (M5.3). When you read it, you'll know that Abigail (M5.33) is to pay 100 orens for 10 Barghest skulls.

Phase 2. Loot

There should be no problem with finding 10 skulls - just wander around at night to find these fiery dogs and kill them. They're easiest to find around the chapels (M5.8). Take them to Abigail (M5.33).

Phase 3. Payment

Take the skulls to Abigail to get 100 orens and 2 Mandrake Roots.

Q1.9. The Drowner Contract

Phase 1. Drowner Brains

On the announcement board (M5.3) there's a note. When you read it, you'll know that the Reverend (M5.22, M5.25) offers a reward for 3 Drowner brains. To be able to collect a brain from a dead monster's body, you must posses the right knowledge (Bestiary entry). The book you need is in the nearby house (M5.17) or can be bought from Abigail (M5.33).

Phase 2. Loot

The Drowners can be found at night between Haren's house (M5.49) and Vizima gate (M5.42). When you get 3 brains, go back to the Reverend.

Phase 3. Payment

When you take the brains to the Reverend, you'll get 100 orens and a blessing of the Eternal Fire (it doesn't give anything).

Q1.10. The Ghoul Contract

Phase 1. Ghouls blood

On the announcement board (M5.3) there's a note. When you read it, you'll know that Kalkstein need three portions of 3 Ghouls. First you need an entry in Bestiary on Ghouls. You can get it from old women (M5.16, M5.18, M5.20) if you give them something to eat (for example bread) and say that you want to hear their story.

Phase 2. Loot

Ghouls can be found inside the crypt (M5.39). To get inside, talk to Mikul (M5.42) to initiate a quest Q1.16. Buried Memories.

Phase 3. Payment

Tell Kalkstein that you have the blood for him. He'll pay you 100 orens and give you a book on basics of alchemy.

Q1.11. Racists

Phase 1. The Fight

Near the southern Vizima gate you'll meet Zoltan and four racists who want to attack him (M5.43). If you support him in the commencing conversation, this quest will be added to your journal.

Phase 2. Help

To end this quest, just help Zoltan defeat the racists and talk to Zoltan. Loot the bodies for some minor items, including a set of dice.

Q1.12. A Game of Dice

Phase 1. A Game of Dice

When you're after meeting Zoltan by the river (M5.43), you probably should have a set of dice you found by one of the attacker's bodies.

Phase 2. Zoltan

If you visit Zoltan inside the inn (M5.3), he'll teach you how to play (you have to ask him about the game).

Phase 3. The Basics

Learn how to play the dice from Zoltan.

This quest is continued in chapter II.

Q1.13. Dice Poker: Novice

Phase 1. Learning the basics

When you know the basics (Q1.12), ask Zoltan about other players to know that you can play with Odo (M5.35), Haren (M5.49) and Mikul (M5.42).

Phase 2. Zoltan

Beat Zoltan in the game of dice.

Phase 3. Odo plays poker

If you show Odo the ring of the eternal fire (Q1.6. Salamander's Tail), he will talk to you (you can also get him drunk). When you tell him Zoltan sent you, he'll admit that he's a poker player.

Phase 4. Odo

Beat Odo in the game of dice.

Phase 5. Mikul plays poker

Show the ring to Mikul as well, then tell him Zoltan sent you.

Phase 6. Mikul

Beat Mikul in the game of dice.

Phase 7. Winning streak

This phase is over when you beat three opponents (you might try different order, or try to beat Haren as well).

This quest isn't completed until in Chapter 2 you confront a professional player, for example Thaler (M8.26) and challenge him.

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