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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Main quests - part 2 | Chapter I | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Q1.6. Salamander's Tail

Phase 1. The Salamander

At the very beginning of Chapter I you'll find out that the Reverend is the person to talk to about the Salamander.

Phase 2-4. Distrustful Villagers

To advance the quest, you have to earn respect of certain villagers: Odo (M5.35), Haren (M5.49) and Mikul (M5.42). They won't talk to you unless you show them Eternal Fire Ring, which you get from the Reverend. The other way to get this ring is to help the Beggar (M5.18) by giving her White Gull. Odo gives you a quest Q1.15. Secret Garden, Mikul gives you Q1.16. Buried Memories and Haren gives you Q1.18. Strangers in the Night.

Phase 5. Trust Gained

When you finish all three quests, go back to the Reverend.

Phase 6. The Reverend's Trust

You have to complete the quest Q1.5. Of Monsters and Men in order for the Reverend to talk to you.

Phase 7. Salamander

You enter this phase when you talk to the Reverend about where the Beast came from (phase 11 of Q1.15. Of Monsters and Men). The key to an appropriate house is held by Olaf (M5.3).

Phase 8. The Key

When you're at the inn, you'll see Olaf dead and Shani surrounded by scoundrels - you have to kill them all. After doing the job search the bandits and the innkeeper. You'll find a key to Salamander's hideout (M5.11).

Phase 9. The Hideout

Go to the hideout and kill both guards after failing to negotiate with them. Enter the house (M5.11) - be prepared to fight off 4 formidable swordsmen. Search their bodies, some barrels and containers around here. At the end go down through the hatch. One of the conversations here will advance the quest Qp.3. Berengar's Secret.

Phase 10. The Exit

Geralt is not much of a talker, so yet another conversation ends with a combat. Don't forget to search the bodies, especially the dead Salamander's leader. There's a Silver Ring, a Tawny Owl, a and a book about the Tawny Owl. Besides, in the cave there's one more Silver Ring, one book of the Tawny Owl, one Silver Ruby Ring and Blue Meteorite. In order to leave the cave, go where Alvin is standing and smash the wall using Aard.

Go further (children will follow you) to meet Abigail - Main quests - part 2 | Chapter I | Walkthrough - Quests | Chapter I - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Go further (children will follow you) to meet Abigail. If you want to make love to her, tell her she's beautiful. Regardless of whether you had sex with her or not, after leaving the cave you will have to make a choice: turn her over to the Reverend or defend her.

Phase 11. A Letter of Safe Conduct

When you defeat the Beast and end Q1.5. Of Monsters and Men, you'll get a Letter of Safe Conduct what will grant you access to Vizima. First you have to go to the inn (M5.3) to talk to Shani.

Phase 12. The Gate

Shani is waiting for you - after a short conversation to the city gates (M5.53).

Phase 13. Vizima

Mikul lets you enter the city, but turns you over to the city guard...

Q1.15. Secret Garden

Phase 1. Plants

This quest can be started in the second phase of Q1.6 Salamander's Tail. When you ask Odo (M5.35) about how you can help him (first show him the Eternal Fire Ring), you'll know about the deadly plants which have grown in his garden - a few moments later you'll be taken there to fight them. There are two Echinops - use fast combat style and you'll be done in no time. Even the fact that you're a little drunk won't bother you. You're a pro after all.

Phase 2. Job Done

Kill two Echinops.

Phase 3. Odo's Trust

Go back to Odo's house and get your reward.

Q1.16. Buried Memories

Phase 1. Ghouls

Quest can be started in second phase of Q1.6. Salamander's Tail. Ask Mikul (M5.42) about how you can help him (show him the Eternal Fire Ring) and he'll ask you to kill the Ghouls in the crypt (M5.39). Accepting this quest automatically opens the entrance to the crypt.

Phase 2. Job Done

Kill all the Ghouls in the crypt and take a Glass Vial from the girl's body (M6.1) just past the entrance. Once you're back to the gate (M5.39), an alchemyst named Kalkstein will meet you. You'll also be attacked by a mage and four Salamander mercenaries.

Flashback: If you decided to fight the frightener in the prologue, the two thugs will be replaced by a mutated hound. When you defeat them, you'll know that this battle was a result of your past choice.

Phase 3. The Second Post

You don't have to wait for Mikul to move to the other gate (M5.53) if you also completed Q1.10. The Ghould Contract simultaneously. Tell him you got rid of the Ghouls inside the crypt and you'll get 200 Orens. You'll know that the dead girls you saw was Ilsa, his beloved, and that his mates went there to look for treasures.

Q1.18 Strangers in the night

Phase 1. Drowners

Quest can be started in second phase of Q1.6. Salamander's Tail. Ask Haren (M5.49) how you can help him and he'll ask you to kill a pack of Drowners by the river, east of his house. You have to do this at night.

Phase 2. Drowners

When you deal with 8 Drowners, some elves and a dwarf will appear (Scoia'tael). They'll want to loot Haren's chests. You can let him do that or stop them.

If you let them take the cargo, in chapter II Coleman will get killed in Vizima and completing the quest Q1.19. Hot Potato will become unavailable and you won't be able to buy Fisstech from him - you'll have to loot it from some bandits.

If you kill them, in phase 3 of Q2.29 A Mysterious Tower Golan Vivaldi will be arrested and you'll have to pay a fine for him - 200 orens. However, you'll get the Secret Gates book for free instead of paying 100 orens for it.

Phase 3. Elves

If you kill the three elves and a dwarf, you'll find some random loot by their bodies, as well as Beggartick Blossoms.

Phase 4. Haren's Trust

After finishing the quest go back to Haren for your reward. If you killed the Scoia'tael, you can now ask him about the missing friend of Zoltan's - Hoog. Haren will promise to ask about him.

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