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The Last of Us Guide

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The Last of Us: Clicker - how to kill it? The Last of Us Guide, Walkthrough

Last update: 09 June 2020

This page of The Last of Us game guide contains information on how to deal with clickers. These monsters are a more dangerous version of the infected and without proper precautions an encounter with them can lead to immediate death of the hero.

1 - The Last of Us: Clicker - how to kill it? - FAQ - The Last of Us Guide
  1. Clickers appear for the first time during Downtown chapter and from this moment on you will be meeting them regularly.
  2. Clickers are blind monsters, which is why you can stay in sight and use the flashlight while traveling around them. This, of course, does not apply to situations where clickers are accompanied by runners and other "traditional" infected people who can see the hero.
  3. Clickers use only the sense of hearing. The degree of sensivity of their hearing depends on the difficulty level of the game - if you choose one of the higher ones, you will have to move very slowly in their presence.
  4. Clickers also respond to other sounds, such as the ones made by thrown bottles. You can use it to set up ambushes or simply to pull those monsters away from the places you want to pass through.
  5. One way to get rid of a clicker is to use the Shiv. You can use it after sneaking up on the monster or for the purpose of defending yourself after you are caught by a clicker (for the latter you will need the Shiv Master skill purchased). Always try to have at least one Shiv in your inventory. If you do not have any in your inventory, getting caught by a clicker will result in the death of the hero.
  6. Do not try other melee methods in encounters with the clickers. The Shiv mentioned earlier is the only meele weapon that "works" on them.
  7. Clickers can also be set on fire with a Molotov Cocktail or shot with a ranged weapon. It is not recommended for locations with more than one clicker. The noise generated by such an action will also attract the attention of the ordinary infected, so be ready to either fight or escape.
  8. If possible, it is best to not take the risk and to distract the clicker by throwing an item or to simply move past him while keeping a safe distance. When you try to kill a clicker, there is always a risk that something might go wrong. Additionally, it is harder to acquire Shivs on higher difficulty levels and each one is a very valuable find.
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