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The Godfather Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Godfather Game Guide & Walkthrough

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A handful of tips | Game Guide The Godfather Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The shooting sequences in Godfather aren't really difficult. The crosshair is automatically targeted onto the enemy, when you press the right mouse button (targeting mode). You can help it by looking in the direction of a chosen foe. When targeting, a crosshair is shown - a white circle - which you can move around with the mouse. To shoot, press the left mouse button. You reload with the [R] key, and holster the gun with [H]. To eliminate opponents, target their heads. It takes one precise shot to send one to the other world. You can also disable the foe by shooting in his knee, or dispose him of his weapon by shooting his hand. When there's a shooting - it's better to save bullets. Before every bigger job take weapons from either one of your houses, or from the Corleone mansion just to be sure that you won't be left with nothing during action.

Fighting isn't challenging either. Hold the right mouse button to put the hero in aggressive stance, then hit an opponent the way you want. Basic moves are made with [Q] - left hook, [E] - right hook, and [W]. You can grab enemies and overpower them - you do it by pressing both left and right mouse buttons. When an opponent is caught, you can hit him anyway you want to. When a sign appears, press [F] to watch how the hero is finishing a foe.

Bullying is an important part of Godfather. Thanks to it, we take over places belonging to the enemy mafias. The whole thing starts by talking to a restaurant, coffee shop etc. manager and talking to him. When he says, that he won't pay you begin to bully him. In the top right corner of the screen (right under the health bar of that character) a terror meter is shown. It is the green line which you shouldn't cross. If you overdo, the bar goes red and you lose. Notice that the more you harass the owner, the more will he want to pay. The trick to getting as much as possible is simple. Grab the man and simply wait as the amount of money stops raising. When this happens, talk to him once again. During the 'negotiations' you often have to manage with the guards or gangsters of other mafias.

Driving a car in Godfather is simplified. There's no comparing to the normal driving games. Learning how to avoid obstacles, moving fast in the street traffic and losing a tail in a chase shouldn't cause much problems. You should avoid civilian cars and try to bang the opponent's cars onto obstacles, therefore leaving them behind.

The map in the game plays a significant role. It is recommended to look into it before any street journey, not to search for a way for a long time. All of the important locations (such as hospitals and enemy families warehouses etc.) are pointed out. If you want, you can pinpoint a location of your choosing, it will also be visible on the mini-map during the actual game.

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