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The Elder Scrolls: Legends Game Guide by

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Game Guide

Table of Contents

Advanced decks The Elder Scrolls: Legends Guide

This chapter is devoted to decks for more advance players. It will take you some time to build these decks, and a fairly good knowledge of rules to use them.


Strength cards (32)

Intelligence cards (15)

Neutral cards(3)

Nord Fireband (0) x3

Crown Quartermaster (1) x3

Crushing blow (3) x3

Fiery Imp(1) x3

Firebolt (1) x3


Rapid shot (1) x3

Dunmer Nightblade (2) x3


Steel Scimitar (1) x3

Ice Spike (2) x3


Afflicted alit (2) x3

Lightning Bolt (4) x3


Rihad Horseman (2) x3


Assasin's bow(3) x3


Battlerage orc (3) x3


Might ally (3) x3


Markart's Vasal (4) x1


Burn and Pillage (6) x1


Triumphant Jarl (6) x3


An aggressive deck which focuses on killing the Hero as quickly as possible. There are many cheap minions, so you will be able to put pressure on your opponent from the very beginning. You will also find some Power ups and removals that will help you keep your own minions alive.

Beginning stage: Try to draw cheap cards like Nord Fireband (0), Fiery Imp (1) or Afflicted alit (2). Attack the enemy Hero and use spells to remain control over the board. If needed, attack hostile minions by buffing your own creatures with Steel Scimitar (1).

Middle stage: continua a aggressive game, so that the enemy will have to attack your minions. If you think that you can finish the game in the incoming turn ( you have Battlerage orc (3) + Steel Scimitar(1) in your hand), try your luck and do whatever you can to decrease hostile hero's health to the minimum.

Final stage: If you reached this stage, it's possible that your enemy took control over the board and it won't be easy to defeat him.



+ Fast units

+ Significant damage

+ Significant amount of power ups and removals

- Very poor defense

- Lack of perspectives for a long-distance game


Agility cards(24)

Endurance cards (22)

Neutral cards(4)

Ungolim the Listener (1) x1

Hist Speaker (2) x2

Crushing blow (3) x3

Fighters Guild Recruit (2) x3

Wind Keep Spellsword (2) x3

Odahviing (12) x1

Murkwater witch (2) x3

Mummify (3) x2


Thieves Guild Recruit (2) x3

Tree Minder (3) x3


Giant bat (3) x2

Black Marsh Warden (4) x3


Leaflurker (5) x3

Preserver of the Root (4) x3


Green-touched Spriggan (5) x3

Shadowfen Priest (5) x3


Chaurus reaper (7) x3

Nahagliiv (7) x1


Tazkazd the Packmaster (8) x1

Blood Magic Lord (9) x1


Red Bramman (9) x1

Iron Atronach(12) x1


A deck that works best in the Middle stage of the fight, but you will come cross minions that you can play from the very beginning. There are also some removals.

Beginning stage: Draw cards like Ungolim the Listener (1), Fighters Guild Recruit (2) or Hist Speaker (2). This way you will fill the board with minions able to engage in a direct combat. Your Fighters Guild Recruit (2) will cause a lot of trouble due to Lethal.

Middle stage: it's your time to shine! You have great minions that with additional effects. Try to eliminate hostile units and keep your own alive at the same time. If your foe launches a powerful minion, neutralize it with Mummify (3)

Final stage: Use Iron Atronach(12), Odahviing (12) or Nahagliiv (7) to Deal severe damage to your opponent. Engage into battle or hide your minions behind minions with Guard, and strike the enemy Hero.



+ Very solid minions

+ Deals a lot of damage

+ Great control over the board

- A slow deck

- A very expensive deck


Willpower cards (24)

Agility cards (22)

Descendant of Alkosh (1) x1

Ungolim the Listener (1) x1

Eastmarch Crusader (3) x3

Daring Catpurse (2) x3

Hive Defender (4) x3

Fighters Guild Recruit (2) x3

Master of Thieves (4) x3

House Kinsman (3) x3

Ahnassi (5) x1

Murkwater Butcher (3) x3

Piercing Javelin (5) x3

Nimble Ally (3) x3

Golden Saint (6) x3

Skooma Racketeer(3) x3

Mantikora (10) x2

Nahagliiv (7) x1


Deshaan Avanger(4) x3


Thieves' Den (4) x2


Pahmar-raht Renegade (5) x1


Soulrest Marhal (5) x3


Quin'rawl burglar (6) x2


Tazkad Packmaster (8) x1

Monk's deck focuses on solid minions and taking control over the board. There are units with Lethal and Guard, and ways to buff your creatures. It all comes to using your minions as effective as possible.

Beginning stage: Draw cards like Ungolim the Listener (1), Fighters Guild Recruit (2) or Hist Speaker (2). This way you will play minions able to engage in direct combat with hostile ones. Fighters Guild Recruit (2), due to its Lethal, will be especially effective.

Middle stage: play new minions and eliminate Any threat. Remember to play Eastmarch Crusader (3) no sooner than you destroy one of the runes. This way you will draw an additional card. Use Thieves' Den (4) to buff your own minions.

Final stage: put pressure on your foe and keep your own units alive. Your deck has a lot of removals, so use Piercing Javelin (5), to eliminate hostile creatures immediately. Mantikora (10) is a great Shield for your minions, so don't hesitate to use it in turn 10.



+ Very solid minions

+ Deals a lot of damage

+ Great control over the board

- A slow deck

- A very expensive deck


Agility cards (37)

Strength cards (13)

Ungolim the Listener (1) x1

Skaven Pyromancer (3) x3

Daring Catpurse (2) x3

Withered hand cultist(3) x2

Fighters Guild Recruit (2) x3

Earthbone Spinner (4) x2

Finish off (2) x2

Blood dragon(5) x2

Murkwater witch (2) x3

Burn and Pillage (6) x2

Thieves Guild Recruit (2) x2

Triumphant Jarl (6) x2

House Kinsman (3) x3


Nimble Ally (3) x3


Varanis Courier (3) x3


Giant Bat (4) x2


Deshaan Avanger(4) x2


Leaflurker (5) x3


Cliff Racer (5) x3


Soulrest Marhal (5) x3


Tazkad the Packmaster (8) x1


Another fast deck that is very effective in the Middle stage of a duel. There are some solid creatures with Lethal, Charge or Drain.

Beginning stage: it's best to draw cheap minions and play them from the very beginning. Murkwater witch (2) can be very effective if played early in the game (especially when your opponent plays 1/1 creatures.

Middle stage: Damage your foe and play Soulrest Marhal (5) which will decrease your next card's cost by 5 magic points! This way you will be able to play at least two solid cards in one turn. Use your own minions or Finish off (2) to Deal with any potential threat

Final stage: play your creatures and when you destroy at least three runes, use Burn and Pillage (6) to deal with your opponent once and for all.



+ Solid minions

+ Significant damage

+ Removals

+ Great against control decks

- Mediocre defense

- Lack of minions with many HP

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