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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Skingrad | Miscellaneous quests Oblivion Guide


Quest From: Glarthir;

Glarthir is Skingrad's very own weirdo, a paranoid wood elf who sees conspiracy all around him. He'll talk to you when he first sees you on the streets, and will ask for help in uncovering the mysteries that surround him. He'll tell you to meet him at midnight at the back of the chapel. Go there to find out that he suspects some people to plan against him. The first person you'll have to check out for him is Bernadette Peneles. Be next to her house at 6 AM. You might be approached by a city guard named Dion, who tells you to keep an eye for Glarthir and don't trust him too much.

Bernadette will leave her house after 6 AM and head to work - Skingrad - Miscellaneous quests - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Bernadette will leave her house after 6 AM and head to work. You can keep track of her all day long, but won't see anything suspicious. The same appeals to other two people that Glarthir tells you to follow. Just meet him every night at midnight at the back of the chapel (you don't have to follow them at all). If you tell him that nobody's after him - he'll think that you are involved as well and will try to kill you. If you tell on somebody, he'll pay you to kill that person. You can do as he wants for some Gold or show city guards the assassination order he gives you.

HINT: When Glarthir is dead, find a key to his house by his body. A lot of valuable stuff in there. In the basement, you'll find his personal notes on the conspiracy.

The Rosethorn Cache
i bought the seemingly large house in skingrad called rosethorn hall.
i then followed my curser to the colovian traders where i bought everything for my house.
i ventured the house to see what its like.
then in the rosthorn top floor i turned and saw a small structure of which that has the door you come out of it.
i realized it does not go all the way to the ceiling so i went to the other side of it jumped on some barrels and found a letter.
the letter was called 'long forgotten note" and it tells of a treasure inside the walls of rosethorn hall. it has a riddle on the letter and it says,
"Two bodies have I. though joined in one.
the more i stand still the faster i run."
(submitted by: soda_pop (level 37 khajiit, Dylan)).

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