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The Surge Game Guide by

The Surge Game Guide

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How to amass large amounts of Tech Scrap? | FAQ The Surge Guide

The chapter below contains a small loophole that will allow you to amass larger amounts of Tech Scrap, which is used as currency for upgrading your character and his equipment.

Amassing scrap may prove to be difficult, as you'll encounter more and more powerful enemies in the course of your journey. However, the opponents which you've encountered in the earlier locations may be exchanged to security guards, who may prove to be quite difficult, but yield much more Tech Scrap.

The scheme is as follows:

  1. Choose a MedBay that is as close to an opponent as possible;
  2. Equip the implants that increase the amount of acquired scrap and engage the enemy;
  3. Lure the opponent as close to the MedBay entrance as possible. You can jump, which is definitely an audible move, or simply use a drone to engage your enemy.

Defeat the opponent and loot the scrap, then enter the MedBay. Now, instead of using the Medbay, interact with the Gear Assembly to respawn the enemy. Repeat the process until you've amassed the needed amount of scrap. Surprisingly, this approach is more than viable, considering that the amount of looted currency increases the longer you avoid using the MedBay. The multiplier is nullified in case of death, so stay close to the MedBay to be able to pick up your scrap in case you were defeated.

The whole process is dreary and repetitive, but it is the most convenient way of amassing scrap. Consider acquiring the reclamation implants (Reclamation Buddy) as these can increase the amount of gained scrap even up to 40%.

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