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The Surge Game Guide

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Black Cerberus | Boss in The Surge The Surge Guide

How to beat Black Cerberus in The Surge? Check out our walkthrough!

The below chapter discusses the battle with one of the bosses in The Surge Black Cerberus - Black Cerberus | Boss in The Surge - Bosses - The Surge Game Guide

The below chapter discusses the battle with one of the bosses in The Surge Black Cerberus. If you want to get to the specific rooms of CREO Management Sector, you will have to defeat the boss first.

Note: There is an alternative way (shown below) of dealing with Black Cerberus that will award you with a full Black Cerberus gear.

General information

Black Cerberus is a human opponent who has stronger attacks, is more resistant to damage and has much more health points than regular opponents. You can perform an execution on him, if you have beaten him up enough. He is fast and his attacks deal a lot of damage. After he has sustained enough damage, Black Cerberus performs an AoD paralyzing attack and escapes into safety.

At this point, the P.A.X. will be your opponent. While you will be fighting with the scorpion robot, Black Cerberus will be replenishing his health points. The longer you will be fighting the robot, the more health your main opponent will regenerate. It should be noted that in this case, P.A.X makes a much stronger opponent than the first boss in the game.

The fight will be over after you have killed Black Cerberus. If you aren't fast and effective enough, you may have to fight P.A.X robots for five times, before you finally defeat the CREO security chief. Below, you can view tips concerning battles with opponents.

Before the battle

Depending on your skills, your character level and your gear, the fight may be long or short. The key here are large amounts of health shots and of ones that allow you to regain health using power. Apart from that, it is necessary that you accessorize with implants that will allow you to deal more damage. This is the key.

Black Cerberus

The majority of his attacks are limited to ones typical for human opponents using staff. Avoid vertical attacks. You can jump over the horizontal ones, or dodge from them. You may have the most problems with three types of attacks:

Missiles- at a longer distance, Cerberus launches two missiles in your direction. They aren't accurate, so two dodges are enough. Still, they are so small that you may miss them, if you do not watch the battlefield carefully.

Wave- Cerberus sends out a wave of energy in your direction, which paralyzes you for 2 seconds and deals damage. The attack is especially dangerous if you are staying close to the opponent. If you are staying further away, you can take a hit from missiles, while paralyzed.

Paralysis - after he has taken enough damage, the boss starts to charge his special attack. Try to remain as close as possible to him, then, and land as many attacks as you can. The attack is not dangerous and Cerberus will not attack you while you are paralyzed, even if you are right next to him.


The suit of his attacks is the same as in the case of the scorpion robot in the first location. In this case, you have to deal much more damage to immobilize it and this does not mean filling the orange bar.

The key issue while fighting P.A.X is stripping its legs of the armor. After you manage to do that, you will have to make it stomp its foot. If you hit the leg that the scorpion robot is standing on, while the other is aloof, it will collapse. This way, you can finish the battle in two short attacks, although stripping the armor might take some time, so do not hope for Cerberus to have as many health points after it is back, as previously.


After you have defeated the boss, you will receive the following rewards:

  1. 15.000 scrap;
  2. Weapon - MG Judge.

After you have defeated the boss, you gain access to security rooms and obtain CREO Exo-Rig.

Lure P.A.X to destroy the servers - A complete Black Cerberus Gear

There is a special way of defeating the boss that requires a bit more skill and involves destroying two servers by luring P.A.X., who appears after your first contact with Black Cerberus. The square arena contains two white objects which are your target. You need to lure P.A.X. to destroy them using his rockets.

Wait until P.A.X. leaves the garage and engage him. Continue attacking the opponent until you've managed to charge the orange bar below the boss' health bar. The charged bar means that your enemy will begin to use special attacks, including a rocket barrage. The first server can be found left from the window that enables you to see the Black Cerberus, while the second one is right next to the exo-lift you've used to enter the arena. Lure P.A.X. to the opposite wall and assume position right next to one of the servers. The boss should fire his rockets - dodge them in the last moment, and the barrage should destroy the server. Repeat the steps above to destroy the second object.

If the both servers are destroyed, take care of P.A.X leg gear (if you've haven't done that yet) and wait for his stomping attack to undercut him. Your move has rendered Black Cerberus unable to summon other units.

Time to face the main boss - take care of him in any way you please.

This approach offers the following loot:

  1. 15.000 Tech Scrap;
  2. A weapon - MG Judge v2;
  3. A complete set of Black Cerberus gear.

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