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The Surge Game Guide by

The Surge Game Guide

Table of Contents
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How to acquire blueprints and weapons in The Surge? The Surge Guide

The following chapter explains how to acquire new equipment blueprints that will allow you to create them at the Medbay. Additionally, you will learn how to acquire the weapons that the enemies you face have at their disposal.

Excluding the items that you will be able to find scattered around the map, most of the pieces of equipment can be acquired only from enemies. This, however, applies only to the human enemies.

How to acquire armor blueprints and components to upgrade it?

The principle in both cases is the same. You need to chop off one of the limbs of the enemy, or to be more specific, the one that has the piece of armor you want to use attached to it. Remember that the limb must be armored and you have to hit mainly the limb. Otherwise, you won't be able to cut it off. Refrain from using special and aerial attacks, as you can miss the target, deal the most damage to another part of the enemy body and causing it to be the one that will be cut off.

Acquiring blueprints and crafting materials works in the same manner. Once you acquire a piece of armor, you will also receive the blueprint for that item. Each subsequent part that you will manage to cut off will only give you more components. Note that you can acquire multiple components from a specific part of the armor. Additionally, it's worth to collect more than you potentially need. In later parts of the game mk. I components are necessary and you can acquire them only at the beginning of the game, or by backtracking to Abandoned Production.

How to acquire weapons?

Similarly to armors and blueprints, acquisition of weapons works exactly the same - by cutting off the enemy limb that holds the weapon you want to get. The first time you acquire the weapon, it will be added to your inventory and you will be able to use it in combat. Each subsequent acquisition will reward you with Tungsten Alloy. The level ("MK. X") of the alloy is directly connected to the tier of the weapon you've acquired.

Recharging the energy bar

Proper selection of weapon is equally important, especially if you, as a high-leveled character, backtrack to the first location to acquire components. Select a weapon from the same class as you're normally using, but use an unupgraded version. You need to have low enough damage so that your combo charges the energy bar. Otherwise, the enemy will be killed without the opportunity to use an execution and the only thing that you will acquire will be scrap.

The chapter will soon be updated.

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