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The following chapter contains useful information about the enemies in The Surge. Here you can find all of the types of foes that you will face in the game, their weaknesses, as well as the benefits of defeating them.

The following chapter contains hints about NPCs that you will meet during your journey in The Surge. The information you can find here will help you complete all of the quests associated with those characters. This in turn will allow you to acquire additional rewards and achievements / trophies.

Dean Hobbs

You will meet him for the first time in Central Production B - Material Depot - NPC in The Surge - Game World - The Surge Game Guide

You will meet him for the first time in Central Production B - Material Depot. Leave the Medbay, stick to the left side, jump down to the platform located below and you will notice an immobilized man. You can overload the circuit in his exoskeleton. Doing so will free the man. Initiate a conversation, exhaust all of the dialogue options and leave. If you die or leave the location, you will find him again in the Medbay.

Speak with him again in the Medbay and you will be given some materials, allowing you to upgrade your current equipment. If you won't interact with any other character, Hobbs will remain in this location till the end of the game.

If you advance with Jo's story and meet doctor Gene Berrett, you will find Hobbs body in the Medbay once you return to the location. Additionally, if you've given Jo a two-handed weapon - Equalizer - you will find it at Hobbs' corpse.


You can find him behind the only locked doors in Central Production B - Material Depot. Initiate a conversation and exhaust all of the available dialogue options. You will meet him again in the Medbay.

Speak with the man in the Medbay and he will ask you to find a healing implant. According to the information he provided, the implant is located in Central Production B. However, you will find it in the Resolve Biolabs. If you give him Modaxinal Injector he will give you Vital Injection v.3 in return. Giving him the implant will turn Davey insane.

If you won't deliver the implant to Davey, he will disappear from the Medbay once the Research Zone chapter is complete.

Dr. Melissa Chavez

You will meet her in Resolve Biolabs and the whole sequence is about reaching her office. You will stumble upon two enemies outside of her office. Defeat them and Chavez will open the door. Initiate a conversation with the woman and take the BOTECS Power Core from her office.

She will later appear in Medbay. You can initiate a conversation with her there, bur doing so will cause her to disappear from the location once you visit it again - she won't be in her office either.

You can mention Chavez in conversations with other characters, but it won't advance her storyline any further.

Irina Beckett

You will meet her for the first time on the floor near the train station located in the central part of Central Production B. During the first conversation she will ask you about a staff. To push her story forward, you have to give her the CREO security weapon - MG Negotiator - you've acquired earlier. She will also mention Smelting Machines and (requires confirmation) she will defeat one in Recycling, provided that she reaches the place before you.

Another encounter will take place in the upper levels of the Circulation Tower - there you can exhaust every dialogue option, but it won't have any impact on the story.

Once you're done in Research & Development, you will meet her in the Medbay, near the elevator leading to the arena where you fight against Firebug. She will mention her affiliation with CREO and will ask about MG Gorgon set that belongs to the security staff. The location is rather dark, which is why you might have some problems pinpointing all of the components, but once you have them a dialogue option will appear.

If you hand over the elements of the set, you will meet her in the Executive Levels. She won't be willing to let you continue and she will threaten to attack. If you defeat her and chop off the arm holding a weapon, you will acquire the Peacekeeper.

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