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The Surge Game Guide by

The Surge Game Guide

Table of Contents
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Enemies in The Surge The Surge Guide

The following chapter contains useful information about the enemies in The Surge. Here you can find all of the types of foes that you will face in the game, their weaknesses, as well as the benefits of defeating them.

General information

During the game you will come across countless enemies who are the main "inhabitants" of the levels you will be exploring. Those enemies will be placed at strategic points of the map so that they are the greatest obstacle and threat to the player. They will often attack you in groups, forcing you to change your tactics - they might make surprise attacks, jumping at you from unexpected places.

The enemies respawn each time you heal yourself at a MedBay. They will be patrolling the same areas of a specific location. However, as you progress with the main storyline, new and often more powerful enemies might appear in the area. By installing and using the Medical Audit implant you will be able to see their health bars - a feat impossible without the said implant.


In crucial moments you will be facing more powerful enemies, equipped with unique special abilities and significantly stronger than the main protagonist. Knowledge and proper understanding of animations and even sounds of specific attacks is fundamental if one wants to survive an encounter with a boss. Defeating those foes will require the player to find and exploit all of their weaknesses.

The guide contains separate chapters about every boss you will encounter in the game. Inside you will find hints that will allow you to keep your character alive for as long as possible, as well as information crucial in defeating those powerful foes.

Victory in those boss encounters is amply rewarded. In The Surge you will receive a special weapon associated with the defeated foe, as well as a large amount of scrap that can be used to upgrade your equipment or further develop your character.


During the game you will encounter two types of human enemies.

The first ones were corrupted by unknown means and will be aggressive towards you. However, they are fairly incompetent in combat and in most cases won't react to your actions. It's easy to approach them from behind and perform a critical attack. What is more, they won't dodge your attacks and they are using repetitive attack patterns. Depending on the location they will be equipped with medium-quality gear, although it will be improve with your progress in the main storyline.

The second group of human enemies are the CREO security employees. They are fully aware, organized and extremely dangerous, especially during the early parts of the game. They will remain passive unless provoked by the player. In combat you must rely on your dodges, as the enemies are proficient in using their staves and taking their strikes head-on will quickly result in the death of the protagonist. When initiating combat, they will sometimes use a paralyzing shot from the turret mounted on their left shoulder. If you fail to dodge it, you will be in serious trouble.


Theres only a handful of mechanized enemies in the game that arent bosses - Enemies in The Surge - Game World - The Surge Game Guide

There's only a handful of mechanized enemies in the game that aren't bosses. Depending on the type of the machine, those foes might have better or worse vision range and different attacks. Most of the machines will only leave scrap once you defeat them. However, if you manage to detach specific limbs off their body, you might receive additional implants.

  1. Drones
  2. Scorpion robots
  3. Smelting robots
  4. Transport machines
  5. Proteus
  6. Melting machines

The basic machine type that you will be facing since the beginning of the game. The main types of drones are ones that are shooting you or performing charges that deal physical damage. These devices are also popular among the security as they can reduce damage you deal to the enemies or they can regenerate other machines.

Drones are susceptible to damage but they usually float above places you cannot enter. If they are in your reach, eliminate them in first order.

CREO security machines. Very fast and effective. Try luring them into narrow passages so that their movement becomes limited. This should stop them from jumping at you. Aim at their tail. This will stop them from performing some of the attacks and will enable you to obtain an implant that enables you to increase the power of the core.

The machines are popular in Central Production B. They have many attacks but they quickly lose interest in you if you run away. Their weak point is the back leg that they are always trying to cover. Avoid attacks and keep hitting the leg. Sometimes you can attack the main body.

Machines equipped with an arm and a container. Usually you will encounter them in service tunnels. The priority is to eliminate their arm. This will stop them from performing some attacks. These machines can be easily avoided as they have very limited seeing range. If you see drones near them, you should eliminate them in first order. Otherwise the drone will regenerate health points of the machine.

These enemies are popular in the Research Zone. They look like living exoskeletons. You must kill them twice to finally get rid of them - otherwise they will reanimate and run after you. It is important to eliminate one of the limbs during the first battle or even cut the enemy in half by attacking his body. This will cause the machine to crawl and its damage will be reduced. If you destroy its arm, then the number of attacks its attacks will become limited. If you cut a leg, the machine will crawl towards its limb, attach it and attack you again.

The machines serve as minibosses in the game. You will find five of them. It is best to face them halfway through the game, once you have better equipment. The body is their weak point. After performing an attack the machine will raise their metal clamps to cool down. This is when the machine is most vulnerable to attacks. You can obtain a coin for defeating this opponent. Five coins enable you to receive the Ironmaus armor.

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