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The Surge Game Guide

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Big Sister 1/3 Boss in The Surge The Surge Guide

How to beat the third boss in The Surge? Big Sister can be hard to defeat!

The following chapter describes a showdown with one of the bosses in The Surge - Big Sister 1/3 Boss in The Surge - Bosses - The Surge Game Guide

The following chapter describes a showdown with one of the bosses in The Surge. This time, you will be facing Big Sister 1/3 that you need to defeat to reach another part of the Creo facility.

Fight - stage 1

The first part of the battle should be rather easy. Your task is to destroy both arms that will attack you. The key to success is to observe both arms and remember that the machine will not always attack in turns. After a series of strikes, the arm will pull back and the other will try to hit you.

In the meantime, the main element of the machine will perform a vertical laser attack every 10 seconds. The robot will try to catch you with the beam all the time, so you should finish the first stage of the fight as soon as possible.

Arm attacks:

Push - an arm from a horizontal position will charge your way. Duck in any direction and place yourself close to the middle of the platform to have enough space to dodge incoming attacks.

Displacement - an arm in a vertical position will perform three moves from left to right in order to hit you. If you stand by the back fence, the arm will not reach you. However, it's not likely that you will be able to deal damage as well.

Squash - up to three blows to the platform with an arm in a horizontal position. If the machine lifts its arm, it will strike you from above. You need to duck as all the strikes will land in the spot you occupy.

Attacking the same arm repeatedly will let you destroy it. Once this happens the machine will attack you with the only remaining arm.

Reduce the durability bar of both arms to zero, and stage two of the fight will begin.

Fight - stage 2

During the second stage of the fight, you will have to destroy four arms that will constantly drain your health points. Keep in mind that a destroyed arm will be replaced with another one, and once you enter the platform, you won't be able to leave it. Stick to its corners and avoid the center. This way, you should be able to destroy the arms one by one, and you will reduce the possibility of being attacked by other arms.

You will have to avoid the vertical laser attack through the entire stage, and overload on the floor that will slowly but constantly drain your health points.

You need to destroy at least 3 arms to begin the next stage. However, it's best to destroy all of them - this way, you will have more space to dodge hostile strikes in the next stage.

Fight - Stage 3

The last phase of the fight is all about the main structure of the robot. Laser attacks won't happen so often but the beam will strike every time you try to move out of direct range of the attacks. Your biggest opponent will be the very camera, so keep in mind that after locking the camera once, you shouldn't switch it off till the end of the fight. Otherwise, the camera will move behind your hero, making you defenseless.

At first you can focus on the lower part of the machine but as soon as you notice broken cables, tis part of its body will become immune to further attacks. The robot will take its time to perform attacks, so that gives you enough time to strike and move to a safe distance.

Dodging the incoming blows is mandatory, as even a single strike can kill you if you get hit directly. On both sides of the platform, there are spots without any fence, and if you get hit, you may be pushed off the arena - this will kill you instantly.

As soon as you defeat the boss, get as close to the robot as possible. This way, you won't fall off the platform that will spread apart after the fight.


Defeat the boss and you will receive:

  1. 10.000 tech scrap;
  2. Weapon - Spitfire Rod.

An alternate way to defeat the boss - Spitfire Rod v2 weapon

You can defeat the boss in a specific way in order to obtain a stronger version of the rod you receive as a reward.

In the second phase of the battle with the boss you mustn't destroy more than two of the four arms. It is best to destroy the ones that are closer to the boss, so that you have more space in the last phase of the battle.

After defeating the boss you will receive the following rewards:

  1. 10.000 tech scrap;
  2. Weapon - Spitfire Rod V2.

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