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The Surge Game Guide

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Firebug | Second boss in The Surge The Surge Guide

The following chapter describes a showdown with one of the bosses in The Surge - Firebug | Second boss in The Surge - Bosses - The Surge Game Guide

The following chapter describes a showdown with one of the bosses in The Surge. This time, you will be facing Firebug that will prevent you from escaping from Central Production B.

How to prepare

Just like in the case of your previous fight, you will need to learn certain moves and react as soon as possible. Energy management will be crucial for this fight (especially during stage 2), so if you have any implants that would boost its regeneration, it's the perfect moment to use them. Although it is not obligatory, it's going to make it easier to hit your opponent. Especially when the robot will make you duck all the time.

This time it's quantity over quality, so you may want to select a weapon that deals less damage but will allow you to perform more strikes. It's wise to select a strong staff, and thus increase your attack range.

Fight - Stage 1

The machine will try hit you with one of two possible moves:

Limb attack - when near you, the robot will pull out one of its limbs to hit you.

Pirouette - when in close combat, the machine will move up a little bit and perform a fast spin to hit you with its limbs.

Lock the camera on one of the limbs. During the fight, the camera may confuse the player, as often your hero will try to hit the limb you locked the camera on, instead of the closest target. As the robot will move, you will have to keep switching the target and lock your camera on the closest limbs.

Try to hit the same limb. After a couple accurate blows, the robot will duck for a moment - this will give you enough time to strike with a more powerful attack. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to rip off one of the limbs. The robot will launch into the air and try to smash you with its heavy body. This move will take place each time it loses one of its limbs but it may also appear during the fight.

At this stage of the fight, the robot can also use one of these moves:

Squash - if you place yourself under the machine, it will lock its limbs and lower its torso to squash you. This means instant death or at least taking the majority of your health.

A single shoot - after charging its attack for a moment, the robot will fire a single missile in your direction. It's easy to predict and avoid the attack but keep in mind that the robot will not always fire at you, so be careful when dodging.

The second stage of the fight will begin when the robot loses three out of six limbs.

Fight - Stage 2

The machine will change its attacks:

Arm attack - if you get close enough, the machine will move one of its arms and spin in a horizontal way. If you don't move away and take all of the hits, you will lose at least half of your health bar.

Charge - an easy to predict but also the most dangerous attack. The robot will lift its turret beyond its torso, turn and rapidly strike you. If you block this attack, you will probably survive but you will be in big trouble. No block means instant death, regardless of your current health.

Incineration - if you perform too many frontal attacks (torso), the robot will turn its nozzles and incinerate the area in front of itself. It's easy to avoid this attack, and it will give you enough time to regenerate and move to a better position.

Squash - if you remain too long under the torso, the robot will lower it immediately and squash you. The attack is not as powerful as during the first stage but it's better to avoid it.

Spinning wheel - the robot will spin for a long time and try to get close to you. Do whatever you can to avoid this attack, as it is long enough to kill you. Just duck in the same direction and you should survive.

Your task is to move around the central part of the arena, in a way that will always allow you to perform a duck or two. Taunt the robot to perform spinning wheels. After each move you will have more time to perform your own strikes. At this point, it's better to use more powerful weapons. You won't have much time to perform combos, so all you can do is strike with single but more powerful blows.

The second stage of the fight is longer, as it's much harder to make the robot repeat the same moves. Furthermore, it likes to use the charge, so you need to be very careful. Try to hit the torso, especially the turret.


Once you defeat the boss, you will receive:

6.000 tech scrap;

weapon - Firebug Throttle;

Defeat the boss and you will be able to move to another location - Resolve Biolabs.

An alternate way to defeat the boss - Firebug Throttle v2

You can defeat the boss in a specific way and gain a stronger version of the weapon as a reward.

The second phase of the battle starts when you destroy three of six limbs of the boss. The special condition for getting a better weapon is destroying the remaining limbs as well. In order to do it you must aim only at them. It won't make you more vulnerable to attacks, but it's harder to hit them and a series of miss might make the battle longer. Additionally, the damage dealt to limbs is greater than to the control tower of the machine.

After defeating the boss you will receive:

  1. 6.000 tech scrap;
  2. Weapon - Firebug Throttle;

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