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P.A.X | First boss in The Surge The Surge Guide

The following chapter describes a showdown with one of the bosses in The Surge - P.A.X | First boss in The Surge - Bosses - The Surge Game Guide

The following chapter describes a showdown with one of the bosses in The Surge. This time, you will be facing P.A.X that will prevent you from escaping from Abandoned Production, which is the first location in the game.

How to prepare

Try to collect some important combat parts for your Rig. Although it is not obligatory, additional defense can save your life if you are not careful enough. One should reach level 15 of the core. This will allow you to use additional implants during the battle.

Select implants that will allow you to regenerate your health or deal slightly more damage. A modification that restores your health in a specific moment is a good choice, as the boss does not attack too often.

Adjust your weapon to your gameplay. There will be a lot of opportunities to deliver single blows, thus we recommend to select weapons that deal greater damage, and throw 1-2 hits before moving into defense.

The battle

It's not just about the speed but also being accurate. The boss will signal all his attacks, so if you are careful enough and change your position, you should be able to win.

There is just one stage of the fight. Hit the robot's legs to charge the orange bar. When this happens, P.A.X will move away from us to prepare his missile attack. You should follow P.A.X immediately and not allow the robot to get too far. By the time he launches his missiles, you should be next to him. This way, you will avoid taking damage (most of the time the explosion will toss you away) and P.A.X will hurt itself. When that happens, the machine will switch into emergency mode for about 7 seconds.

This is the moment when you should damage its torso as much as possible. The first blows will remove the armor, thus the damage will be reduced. However, further attacks should significantly affect P.A.X health.

P.A.X will reset the orange bar and get up. You need to repeat the entire sequence until you defeat the machine. Your opponent will use the following set of moves:

Stomp - if you remain too long in one position, P.A.X will try to trample you. It may be a single movement or a combo of three strikes;

Sword attack - the left hand will perform two strikes. You need to move back the whole time, as every attack will have a greater range;

Thrust - The right hand will lower down and moments later P.A.X will perform a forward attack. Sometimes, it will combine the strike with a jump if you are out of its reach;

Missile strike - this attack will take place after P.A.X charges the orange bar. Three waves of missiles that will be launched in different directions, which makes it harder to avoid them. This causes significant damage, so avoid this attack at any cost.


Once you defeat the boss, you will receive:

2.000 tech scrap;

weapon - P.A.X Imperator;

Implant - Vital Boost v.3.

Defeat P.A.X and you will be able to use the train and move to another location - Central Production B.

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