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The Surge Game Guide

The Surge Game Guide

Prepare to die in the future! The Surge game guide will help players complete the game in 100%. It contains a walkthrough for the main story, various advice (combat, equipment management, character development, crafting) and information on the audio logs and secret weapons.

Our guide to The Surge will help any player complete this rather challenging game in 100%. The most important part of this guide is the walkthrough. Besides it, we have also included descriptions of all locations. Our walkthrough contains information on how to reach each of the areas, solve puzzles, deal with regular enemies, and defeat bosses. All the boss fights were described in a separate chapter.

Our guide to The Surge also contains basic tips about combat, character development system and crafting. Some of these mechanics aren't described well enough in the game which can lead to some problems. We have also prepared separate chapters dedicated to equipment management or ways of eliminating various enemies. The guide also includes an FAQ chapter where you can find answers to various questions regarding the game. Read that chapter to learn how to get schematics and weapons, how to get tech scrap easily or how to get the best armor in the game.

Our guide will also help you find the secrets of The Surge. We have listed the locations of all audio logs, comic books, and secret weapons. We have also included a full trophy/achievement guide, information about the controls and system requirements.

The Surge takes place in a post-apocalyptic world controlled by machines. The protagonist faces robots and modified humans. He has access to an exoskeleton and items that can be obtained in the game world or crafted from the resources. Character development is limited and mostly focuses on modifying and upgrading the exoskeleton with better energy parameters and implants. The combat in The Surge isn't easy, which greatly improves the difficulty of the game, but it is advanced enough for the player to find their own style and perfect it.

Patrick "YxU" Homa (

How to die less in The Surge?

The Surge is a challenging game - a brief distraction or wrong reaction can lead to your character's death. Below you can find a few tips that will increase your chances of survival:

  1. In The Surge, you press two different buttons to attack. Your character can perform vertical and horizontal attacks. Use them to adjust your combat style to the enemy you are currently facing and to perform combos.
  2. You can attack enemies by running at them. However, this technique works only when you are using light or medium armors. It is not recommended when your character is wearing a heavy armor - it will slow you down significantly.
  3. Dodges can save your life. They consume less stamina than blocking.
  4. Your character can parry enemy attacks. This move is an alternative to dodges and blocks but it requires more precision. The efficiency of your parry determines on your equipment (heavy armor and slow weapon will make parrying more difficult).
  5. Aim for body parts that aren't covered in armor. The game has a gameplay mechanic where you can aim at specific body parts. Unarmored parts are marked with blue lock-on icon. Aim at them to deal twice the damage.
  6. Look for a chance to perform an execution. You can use them when the enemy has about 10-20% percent of their health left. Executions don't deplete your stamina. Also, they give you the opportunity to get crafting materials or new armor schematics.
  7. Leave more challenging enemies for later. If you die too many times in a location, don't try to beat it at all cost. Go to another location or farm weaker enemies for XP.
  8. Using Med Bays respawns enemies. Visit Med Bays less often if you don't want to go through the same enemies again. Also, when you make enough progress in the game's storyline, weaker enemies will get replaced with stronger ones.
  9. Pay close attention to the bosses and examine their arenas. In The Surge, every stronger enemy has a weakness that can be used against them. This weakness can be related to one of their body parts or it can be found in the environment. You can learn more about this topic in the Bosses chapter.
  10. The bosses' attacks can be telegraphed with a special animation or sound. Try to spend some time learning them. This knowledge will be very useful once you decide to fight that boss. You will know how to dodge certain attacks to avoid damage or to stop the boss's attack.

More information about the combat system on the following pages:

  1. Combat - This page contains general tips for the combat system, executions, and death consequences.
  2. Enemies - Here, you can find information about all types of enemies encountered in the game. Besides humans, your character will also face, e.g. machines, drones, or smelting robots.

All main locations in The Surge

Our guide to The Surge contains full walkthrough with descriptions of all the locations available in the game. The list below has information about the areas:

  1. Abandoned Production - The starting location. Here, you will complete the tutorial, repair an energy core, unlock access to the factory and the power station, get Titan and Volatile Spectre weapons, and face the first boss (there is also optional boss here).
  2. Central Production B - In this area, you will have to, e.g. repair a Med Bay, rescue the employees, examine the Recycling Zone, and defeat another boss.
  3. Resolve BioLabs - Here, you can find the path leading to the yard, unlock a useful shortcut, and examine the BioLabs.
  4. Ventilation Tower - Your character can unlock another shortcut in the Ventilation Tower. You will also face yet another boss.
  5. Research Zone - Here, your character can encounter Dr. Gene Barret and living exoskeletons. Besides that, you will also face another mini-boss.
  6. Passage to the Executive Levels - Read this chapter to learn how to access the Executive Levels. New enemies will stand on your path.
  7. Executive Levels - This area has another boss fight. After that, your character will have to find the path to the main hall, server room, and CREO Management office.
  8. Nucleus - The last location in The Surge. Here, you will have to deal with four circuits. After that, you will face the final boss.

I can't defeat a boss

Some of the bosses in The Surge can be troublesome. The Bosses chapter contains detailed descriptions of all the main bosses encountered during in the game. They are listed below:

  1. P.A.X. - This fight happens when you try to leave the Abandoned Production.
  2. Firebug - You face this boss near the exit from Central Production B.
  3. Big Sister 1/3 - Your character encounters this boss during the exploration of the CREO facility.
  4. Black Cerberus - You encounter this boss on your way to the CREO Management Sector.
  5. Rogue Process - The final boss of the game.

Secrets in The Surge

In The Surge, you can take a break from fights and look for various secrets. The Audiologs and comics chapter has the list of all the collectibles. The main categories are:

  1. Ferguson - This category has five audilogs.
  2. Liberator - This category has four audiologs.
  3. Dr. Murphy - This category has nine audiologs.
  4. Mallory - This category has eleven audiologs.
  5. Iron Maus comics - There are six different comic books.

I have a question and I'm looking for answers

Some of the gameplay mechanics in The Surge aren't easy to understand. The FAQ chapter contains answers to various questions and problems.

  1. Where to find Nanocores? - This page has the locations of all the stashes. Each one of them has two Nanocores.
  2. How to acquire blueprints and weapons? - You get schematics by attacking a specific body part a few times and then performing an execution. You unlock weapons by performing an execution on a specific limb.
  3. How to amass large amounts of Tech Scrap? - Use implants that increase the amount of collected Tech Scrap and lure enemies near Med Bays.
  4. What can be found beyond the CREO security doors? - Your character must wear security rig to open these doors. The security doors are found in various locations.
  5. How to get Ironmaus armor? - You need to find five Shining Coins dropped by Bulldozer Smelters.


Your character's equipment consists of a few different elements. Their detailed descriptions can be found in the Equipment chapter. The main categories are:

  1. Weapons - Each weapon has a few stats. These weapons are divided in different groups, e.g. one and two-handed. You can also use rigged weapons.
  2. Armors - Your character can wear Operator, Argus and Goliath-class armor. One of the main differences between them is the weight.
  3. Implants and the rig - There are three different rigs (exoskeletons). Implants are divided into passive and active.
  4. Drone - You get your Drone after reaching Central Production B. You can use it to, e.g. open locked doors or to overload circuits.

Does the PS+ version give you full access to the game?

On April 2019, The Surge has been made free for all PS4 users who are subscribed to PlayStation +. This version gives you access to:

  1. Basic version of the game - You can complete the entire game.
  2. Exclusive Rig DLC - Exclusive to PS4, gives access to CREO PS04 Limited Rig.
  3. Cobalt Rod Weapon DLC - This PS4 exclusive DLC gives you access to Cobalt Control Rod weapon.
  4. Cutting Edge Pack DLC - You have to place it in your cart on the store page (available for free). Contains three new armor sets and new weapons.
  5. Fire & Ice Weapon Pack - You have to place it in your cart on the store page (available for free). Contains 10 new weapons.

The PS+ version of the game doesn't offer access to the paid content:

  1. CREO Special Employee Kit - Offers a new Rig and two new implants.
  2. The Good, the Bad and the Augmented Expansion - A large expansion in which you can complete Dr. Rischboter's challenges.
  3. A Walk in the Park - A large expansion in which you can visit a crazy amusement park.

The DLCs listed above must be purchased separately.

The PS+ version offers a platinum trophy. "The Good, the Bad and the Augmented" and "A Walk in the Park" paid DLCs have their own trophies. Luckily, you don't need them to get the platinum trophy in the original game.

Important controls in The Surge

The full list of the controls is on Controls page. Below you can find the most important buttons in The Surge.

1 - The Surge Game GuideMove - The Surge Game Guide


Press the analog stick while you are running to jump.

2 - The Surge Game GuideLook around - The Surge Game Guide

Look around.

Press the analog stick to switch between targeted body parts.

3 - The Surge Game GuideUse an implant - The Surge Game Guide

Use an implant.

4 - The Surge Game GuideInteract - The Surge Game Guide


Hold to perform an execution on the enemy.

5 - The Surge Game GuideDodge - The Surge Game Guide


Hold while moving to sprint.

6 - The Surge Game GuideHorizontal attack - The Surge Game Guide

Horizontal attack.

7 - The Surge Game GuideVertical attack - The Surge Game Guide

Vertical attack.

8 - The Surge Game GuideLock the camera on the enemy - The Surge Game Guide

Lock the camera on the enemy.

9 - The Surge Game GuideBlock - The Surge Game Guide


10 - The Surge Game GuideInventory - The Surge Game Guide


11 - The Surge Game GuideSwitch between equipped weapons - The Surge Game Guide

Switch between equipped weapons.

12 - The Surge Game GuideSwitch between equipped implants - The Surge Game Guide

Switch between equipped implants.

About The Surge Game Guide

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last update : April 19, 2017

Guide contains : 24 pages, 146 images.

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