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The Sexy Brutale Game Guide

Solve the riddle or someone dies.The Sexy Brutale game guide features a comprehensive walkthrough and solutions to all puzzles awaiting you on different stages of the game. The guide also covers Steam achievements and basic game mechanics.

This guide features a comprehensive walkthrough for The Sexy Brutale and solutions to puzzles awaiting you on different stages of the game. The extensive walkthrough is completed with chapters dedicated to Steam achievements, system requirements and basic game mechanics.

The Sexy Brutale by Cavalier Games Studio is an adventure game full of dark humor. The game references to the legendary Groundhog Day movie - the protagonist falls into a time loop, and has to live through the same day again and again. The main goal is to save nine people who get murdered by casino employers under different circumstances. In order to do that, you have to make sense of all encountered evidence.

The guide to The Sexy Brutale contains:

  1. A complete walkthrough for the entire game;
  2. Solutions to every puzzle in the game;
  3. A list of achievements and trophies, along with advice how to get them;
  4. System requirements and controls;
  5. A chapter on the gameplay basics.

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The Sexy Brutale Video Game

The Sexy Brutale
  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Cavalier Game Studio
  • publisher: Tequila Games
  • platform: PC, XONE, PS4

The Sexy Brutale is an adventure game filled with black humour. The game’s action takes place inside the titular mansion The Sexy Brutale which was converted by an enigmatic man known as Marquis into a bizarre casino. You take control of a priest named Lafcadio Boone. During just one day every guest gets murdered by the casino’s staff. You, however, have the chance to save them, as – just like in Groundhog Day – you fall into a time loop in which the disastrous day repeats itself again and again.

In The Sexy Brutale, the player needs to get familiar with the circumstances of each murder – most often by observing its course for a number of times. With this knowledge, you can devise a plan that will prevent the tragedy. While doing so, you find out about the history of the mansion and the purpose for killing the guests. Together, there are nine people to be saved – each of them is extremely eccentric and the way he or she dies is also very creative.

Exploration, chatting, and solving puzzles play the key roles in The Sexy Brutale. The title also features sporadic stealth challenges. The mansion is divided into a number of sections – each introduces different puzzles, characters, and scenarios.

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