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The Watchmaker Game Guide

The Watchmaker Game Guide

No time to lose! Guide and walkthrough to The Watchmaker is a meticulous compendium of knowledge that allows you to complete this adventure game without any problems. You will find a solution to every puzzle, and learn how to handle all bosses and time control techniques.

The Watchmaker Game Guide contains a comprehensive walkthrough and practical tips to help you during the game. You will learn what to do to pass the game, how to solve all logic puzzles and unlock all the collectibles. In this guide you will find a detailed description of each puzzle in the game and the locations of all the clocks. Thanks to this guide, The Watchmaker will not be a challenge. The Watchmaker is an adventure game maintained in steampunk style. In addition, the game consists of complex logical elements. You will play the role of Alexander, the guardian of the clock tower. You will be in a terrible situation. Someone has sabotaged the mechanism so that time starts to go crazy. Your hero is aging very fast and must find and overcome the saboteur to restore the proper course of time to avoid death.

The Watchmaker Game Guide contains:

  • Description of each puzzle,
  • location of clocks,
  • locations of other collectible items,
  • walkthrough,
  • hero's statistics,
  • time control skills,
  • starting tips.


Author: Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras (

Translation: Karolina "Gruszka" Gruszecka

About The Watchmaker Game Guide

Author : Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras for

Translator : Karolina "Gruszka" Gruszecka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

The Watchmaker Video Game

The Watchmaker
  • genre: Arcade

  • developer: Micropsia Games
  • publisher: 1C / Cenega
  • platform: PC, XONE, PS4

The Watchmaker for PS4, PC and XONE is a steampunk action-adventure game with strong logic game features. The title was published by Russian publisher 1C Company and it was developed by an independent studio Micropsia Games from Chile.

The Watchmaker takes place inside a giant clock tower and during the game player assumes the role of a guard named Alexander. For many years he was tasked with maintaining the mechanism and making sure that the clock is working properly. One day the protagonist is awaken by a mysterious voice that informs him that a sabotage has occurred in the tower and it caused the flow of time to be greatly disturbed. This caused the protagonist to start getting old unnaturally fast he has only one hour of life left. In order to stay alive, Alexander must travel through the clock tower that is divided into five sections filled with various gears and mechanisms. He must find and defeat the person responsible for the sabotage and he must restore the proper flow of time.

The Watchmaker for PS4, PC and XONE combines traits of an action-adventure game, platform game and logic game. The main focus was placed on solving various environmental puzzles, but the game also contains action sequences and requires boss fights. During his adventure, Alexander will use various gadgets like magnetic glove and a time bomb.

The fact that the protagonist is getting old quickly was used in unordinary way to replace the health bar typical for arcade games. During the game the protagonist is constantly getting old, which impacts not only his look, but speed and agility as well. All damage dealt by enemies speeds up the process and makes further enemies seem to be even stronger. In order to stop the flow of time and regenerate the health, Alexander must search for time that will allow him to gain valuable minutes.

The Watchmaker released on PS4, PC and XONE has very colorful, fully three-dimensional graphics that combine typically cartoonish style with steampunk traits. It is worth mentioning that the model of the main protagonist changes as the time flows by and becomes older.

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