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The Quarry - Game Guide by

The Quarry - Game Guide

Table of Contents

The Quarry: Beginner's guide - list The Quarry tutorial, guide, and how-to

This page of the guide to The Quarry contains a set of tips to get you started. Hints are given about fighting, finding items and making choices.

Last update: Monday, June 13, 2022

On this page of The Quarry guide, you will find advice on various aspects of the game. We have addressed all gameplay elements that may be unclear in the initial stages and those that have been illogically explained by the game.

Look around carefully.

The game world is filled with interesting content. In various places, you can find collectibles, secrets, or clues. These can make the game easier for you or save the lives of your heroes. It is worth remembering that individual stages in the game are separate locations. If you didn't pick something up, you may lose it completely or have to go further to reach the same location, but as a different hero.

Listen to the dialogues

The relationships between the characters have a huge impact on the gameplay. You create them by talking, making decisions, supporting someone, or picking up objects. The dialogues are the most important part of the game. During them, you will learn about the characters' thoughts, learn important information, and make important decisions.

Remember that nothing is obvious

Many of the choices in The Quarry are not immediately marked as such - you may see their consequences after spending many hours in the game. Do not celebrate too quickly, because The Quarry can surprise you at any time, e.g. by making an opponent appear in an unexpected place.

Always be vigilant

You are playing as panicked teenagers trying to survive a nightmarish night. Don't take your eyes off the monitor/TV since danger may be lurking just around the corner. Always be prepared to perform an interaction because not doing it may cost someone a life.

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