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The Outer Worlds Guide

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What perks to initially choose in The Outer Worlds? The Outer Worlds guide, walkthrough

The choice of perks in The Outer Worlds should be well considered. Your character can reach up to level 30, allowing you to purchase only 15 perks (you get a point with every two levels). It is impossible to determine which perks are the best in The Outer Worlds - their selection depends on the build and the way the game is played. However, there are a few perks that are great for starting the game and fit most character builds. On this page you will learn which perks to choose when starting the game.

Best perks to start with

Some perks can be called the best to start with. - What perks to initially choose in The Outer Worlds? - FAQ - The Outer Worlds Guide
Some perks can be called the best to start with.

No matter which character you choose, in The Outer Worlds it's worth paying attention to the perks below. They can be safely called the best perks to start with - choosing them will definitely make the initial gameplay easier.

  1. Toughness - +50% health points. No matter whether you fight at a distance or in close combat. Extra health points are always useful and greatly increase the chances of survival.
  2. A Few Bits More - +100% additional ammunition available from vendors. This perk becomes useless only when you're fully focused on melee and never use ranged weapons. In other cases, ammunition collection is improved.
  3. Pack Mule - + 50 kg character's load capacity. At the beginning of the game it is worth to collect all the items to then sell them to vendors. The additional load capacity of the character will allow you to collect more loot while exploring the world.
  4. Lone Wolf or All For One - the choice depends on whether you travel alone or with a companion. The first perk increases your damage by 25% if you don't have a team. The second gives + 50% experience points for enemies killed by comrades.
  5. Harvester-provides 15% health points for each kill. This allows you to restore health in combat without Using the Adreno.


Do you want to know all the perks in The Outer Worlds? Check out our tutorial on the page dedicated to hero development, abilities and assets.

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