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Link's Awakening Guide by

Link's Awakening Guide

Table of Contents

Level editor in Link's Awakening Link's Awakening guide, walkthrough

On this page of the guide to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, you will learn everything about creating your own chambers at Dampe's Shack.

Dungeon Creator lets you create custom dungeons out of rooms youve already visited in the game - Level editor in Links Awakening - Basics - Links Awakening Guide

Dungeon Creator lets you create custom dungeons out of rooms you've already visited in the game. The Dungeon Creator unlocks when you reach Dampe's Shack after completing Bottle Grotto. His shack is located at Tal Tal Heights near the Moblin's Cave.

If you want to save your dungeon you have to have Amiibo. Select 'amiibo' when talking to Dampe and then select 'Store a Dungeon'. Thanks to that, you can share created dungeons with friends.

Tips and tricks

  1. You need at least as many treasure chests as locked doors, including the final Nightmare door.
  2. You need to open every chest to finish a Chamber Dungeon. First, you will acquire all necessary Small Keys, then all chest will contain rupees. The final chest will always contain the Nightmare's Key.
  3. When arranging a Dungeon press the Y button in the creator to check if there are any reasons why the dungeon you created isn't working.
  4. If you added two staircases, they will automatically connect. If you added two more, you can select which connect to which.
  5. Before entering your dungeon Dampe will always fill you up with bombs and arrows.

List of Dampe's challenges and rewards

  1. Dungeon Arranging 101 (lvl 1) - 1 Chamber Tile
  2. Placing the Basics (lvl1) - 1 Chamber Tile
  3. A Passage Across (lvl1) - 1 Chamber Tile
  4. Fill Up Your Hearts (lvl1) - 1 Secret Seashell and 1 Piece of Heart
  5. Key Hunter (lvl2) - 1 Chamber Tile
  6. Bomb's Away! (lvl2) - 1 Chamber Tile and 1+ Bombs Effect
  7. Treasure Vault (lvl2) - 1 Chamber Tile
  8. Passageway Central (lvl2) - 1 Piece of Heart
  9. Stairs Decisions (lvl 3) - 1 Chamber Tile
  10. Heart Shortage (lvl 3) - 1 Chamber Tile and 1 Jar
  11. Sheathed Sword (lvl 3) - 1 Chamber Tile and 1+ Hearts Effect
  12. Ticking Clock (lvl 3) - 1 Chamber Tile, 1+ Wallmaster Effect and 1 Heart Container
  13. Forging a Sword (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
  14. Crafting a Shield (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
  15. Bows > Swords (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
  16. Dungeon Song (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
  17. House of the Hinox (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
  18. Back to Square One (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
  19. Need a Hand? (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
  20. Zig-Zaggy (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
  21. Nothin' but Stairs (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
  22. Tresure Hoard (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
  23. Skull Arrangement (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
  24. The Supreme Shape (lvl 4) - 300 rupees
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