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The Hong Kong Massacre Guide by

The Hong Kong Massacre Guide

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Completing challenges in The Hong Kong Massacre The Hong Kong Massacre Guide and Walkthrough

In The Hong Kong Massacre, you can complete challenges and get points that you can later spend on buying and upgrading weapons. This page contains information on how to complete challenges in levels easily.

The most important information about The Hong Kong Massacre's challenges

Challenges from this group must be completed within a specified time limit - Completing challenges in The Hong Kong Massacre - Basics - The Hong Kong Massacre Guide
  1. Every level has 3 challenges and they are always the same for every mission. The only difference is in the time limit challenge. It depends on a level's complexity but usually, you will get around 45-60 seconds. You can check challenges before starting a level (see the picture above).
  2. You don't have to complete all challenges in a single playthrough. Completed challenges are remembered by the game. The best way to unlock them is to focus on one at a time. When you complete one challenge, restart the mission and focus on another.
  3. Each completed challenge gives you 1 star which can you can spend on unlocking and upgrading weapons. Try to at least get a full set of stars in the first few, and the easiest, levels. This will allow you to unlock the most important weapons and upgrades (we have listed our suggestions on a separate page) and make the next (more difficult) levels easier.
  4. Complete all challenges to unlock A master at my skill achievement/trophy.

How to complete Time challenges?

Challenges from this group must be completed within a specified time limit.

  1. Choose a rifle or other weapon specialized for offensive play style. You can't allow yourself to stop in order to make a precise shot or to refill ammo. Switch your weapon only when you have a few bullets left. Also, try get only rifles.
  2. Buy Movement Speed upgrade for your rifle. It allows you to move faster when you are carrying that weapon. The same upgrade can be purchased for other weapons.
  3. Find an optimal path for each level. Try to eliminate enemies without stopping. Visit rooms one after another. Avoid situations where you are going back to previously visited rooms or reaching the opposite end of the map.

How to complete No Slowmotion challenges?

Challenges from this group must be completed without using bullet time.

  1. Avoid pressing the bullet time button at all cost. Activating it even only for a brief moment will block you from completing this challenge during your current run.
  2. Use a rifle, but play more carefully - don't charge as you did during Time challenges. Try to attack enemies from a maximum possible distance. Also, you shouldn't worry about ammo.
  3. Memorize rooms' layout and placement of the enemies - you will be able to do better during your next runs. However, placement of some of the enemies can differ slightly between playthroughs. Pay attention to the red arrows - enemies will have a harder time surprising you.

How to complete Perfect Aim challenges?

Challenges from this group must be completed by shooting only your enemies.

  1. Spend 2 stars on a shotgun and equip it. The weapon's huge advantage is that its shots cover a wider area - you don't have to be precise with your aiming to kill an enemy.
  2. Buy 3 Clip Size and Extra Clip upgrades for your shotgun. Levels, where you have to defeat more than 10 enemies, will become easier. Without these upgrades, you would have to spend more time looking for enemies equipped with a shotgun.
  3. Use the bullet time as many times as possible. You don't have to rush through levels to complete any of the Perfect Aim challenges. Use the bullet time even when you only have to kill a single enemy. Once that enemy is dead, let the bullet time bar to regenerate.
  4. Fight at a medium distance. A shotgun has a limited range. You won't be able to attack enemies standing farther away. Missing a shot means that you will have to replay the mission.
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