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The Elder Scrolls Blades Guide and Tips by

The Elder Scrolls Blades Guide and Tips

Table of Contents

Types of buildings and building upgrades in TES Blades TES Blades guide, tips

The game has several types of buildings that we can further improve. Higher-level workshops give possibility to craft and manufacture better items, as well as influence the assortment of craftsmen and the amount of gold offered for selling useless loot from missions.

In addition to residential buildings, each of the above buildings can be built twice - Types of buildings and building upgrades in TES Blades - City - The Elder Scrolls Blades Guide and Tips

List of buildings and their maximum level:

  1. Residential buildings (Dwelling/Homestead/House) - 3 levels of expansion,
  2. Blacksmith's workshop (Smithy) - 10 levels of development,
  3. Alchemist's workshop (Alchemy Laboratory) - 10 levels of development,
  4. Enchanter's tower - 10 levels of development,
  5. Workshop - 3 levels of development.

In addition to residential buildings, each of the above buildings can be built twice. Although this kind of "repetition" will not bring us too many prestige points, but it provides an additional trader who will buy unnecessary items from us, and can also serve as a spare place for services - for example, during the improvement of weapons or armor at the smithy's we cannot repair our equipment, and then we may use the second workshop.

Residential buildings (Dwelling/Homestead/House)

There are three types of residential buildings that differ only in appearance and name. Their main purpose is to increase prestige points. There is a possibility to upgrade them, but the cost of such a project has little impact on the number of additional prestige.


Smithy serves as a merchant, sells weapons, armor and materials for item crafting. We can repair our equipment, improve it and order the creation of a completely new one. Please note that improving and crafting items takes time and the currently working blacksmith does not offer other services. It's worth having two of them.

Alchemy Laboratory

The alchemist is a source of potions and poisons, which can be purchased (including the ingredients themselves) or commissioned to be brewed by a craftsman. Just like in the case of a blacksmith, it is worth having two workshops of this type, because when one alchemist works, we won't get anything else from him.

Enchanter's Tower

Enchanter serves as a trader of ingredients for enchanting, especially Soul Gems of different sizes. As with the rest of the craftsmen, his enchanting is time-consuming and we will not be able to interact with this NPC during this time.


A shop assistant who works in the workshop creates decorations for our city and sells materials for buildings and improving buildings. The higher the level of the workshop, the rarer the materials are in its offer, which in later stages will be many times beneficial.

Building styles

As the city level increases, new building styles are unlocked. In total, we have access to three different styles - Wooden, Stone and Castle. Each building available in the game can be built or upgraded to a chosen style, but it has a cosmetic function. The difference in prestige between the wooden and castle style is almost unnoticeable.

Construction and building materials

Each construction and improvement of a building requires an appropriate amount of material and gold. We obtain these mainly from missions and random chests, but you can also buy them Workshop.

First of all, you will need Lumber, Limestone and Copper bars. The first two types of materials can be easily found as prizes from side missions (known as Jobs). Unfortunately, it is more difficult when it comes to copper bars. It is worth visiting the Workshop every day, because sometimes there are some pieces of limestone there. You cannot forget to open chests and check the microtransactions tab, because every day you will find a free gift, which can be a few pieces of this rare material.


Decorations in The Elder Scrolls: Blades are primarily used to beautify our city, although their use also means a slight increase in prestige. There are three types of decorations - small, medium and large - and it is their size that determines which place in the city you want to put such an object in.

The decorations are mainly made in the workshop, although some of them will be given as rewards for missions or premium packages available through micropayments.

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