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The Elder Scrolls Blades Guide and Tips by

The Elder Scrolls Blades Guide and Tips

Table of Contents

Top tips for TES Blades TES Blades guide, tips

  1. Always open chests. During missions and visits to the Abyss dungeons, we will get a lot of chests with random loot. The problem here is that we have limited inventory space. Also, some chests may take you several hours to open. Even if you don't have time to play right now, run the game and start opening chests in the background. More about that in the chapter dedicated to chests.
  2. Plan your town development wisely. Our goal in TES: Blades is to rebuild the destroyed town. We can construct a few types of houses and very useful workshops. Also, every construction can be upgraded or constructed with better materials - the most important thing is to think hard before placing any building. If you make a mistake, you will lose a spot, resources and time. Check the other parts of the guide to learn how to develop your town.
  3. Remember to repair your equipment. Your items degrade with each use. Repair them by visiting the smithy. Remember about that before you embark on a quest - a broken weapon deals little damage while a damaged armor won't protect you at all. Create a habit of visiting the smithy every 4-5 missions. More about this topic in the chapter dedicated to the equipment.
1 - Top tips for TES Blades - Basics - The Elder Scrolls Blades Guide and Tips
  1. Visit the microtransactions shop every day. TES: Blades is a free-to-play game meaning that the developers are hoping to get some money from the microtransactions. Every player can decide for themselves whether they want to spend money on them and how much. However, players can receive a new free every day in this shop. It can be a golden chest or a valuable resource for your town. More information about this topic in "Playing without paying" chapter.
  2. Wait until you go to the Abyss. After making enough progress in the story, you will get access to randomly generated dungeons called Abyss. Your goal is to go down to new floors and defeat enemies. More difficult enemies mean more money, XP and additional rewards. However, if your level is low, there is no point in visiting the Abyss - you will spend more on repairing the equipment than you earn in that place. The recommended levels for Abyss are 20-25. Besides that, you should also equip yourself with good gear. More about that topic in the "Abyss mode" chapter.
  3. Check daily challenges. Besides missions, you get new challenges each day. They usually require you to deal a specific type of damage or to kill X number of enemies with a specific weapon. The rewards aren't high, but they are still something. If a challenge is too difficult for you, the game allows you to cancel it. After that, you can wait for another one.
2 - Top tips for TES Blades - Basics - The Elder Scrolls Blades Guide and Tips
  1. Manage your resources wisely. You get resources mainly from missions and chests - this includes materials for developing the town, crafting materials for gear, and magical items necessary for conjuring. The costs rise fast meaning that it isn't wise to construct buildings without thinking about what you want to do. If you do that, you will lose time, money and resources. The only thing left here is to grind. Check the pages dedicated to types of buildings before you make a decision.
  2. Think hard before you invest points in a skill or spell. Every new level gives you skill points you can spend on combat, magic, and perks trees. Even though you can reset your skills, this option costs real money. Check other parts of the guide to learn everything about the development system and avoid useless skills. More information in the chapters dedicated to the skills and spells.
  3. Have weapons/spells prepared for every occasion. Enemies in TES: Blades have resistances and vulnerabilities. In some situations, our fireballs or a fire sword will deal massive damage. However, you can encounter an enemy invulnerable to this element. When that happens, you will a different spell or weapon to deal damage. More information in "Equipment" and "Spells" chapters.
3 - Top tips for TES Blades - Basics - The Elder Scrolls Blades Guide and Tips
  1. Fight smart. This is a more general tip - its more in-depth version can be found in one of the later chapters of the guide. When you are fighting using a melee weapon, attack from left and right alternately to build up a combo and hinder the reaction time of the enemy. When you want to cast a spell, block the enemy's attack at the last possible moment to make the opponent lose balance. This gives you enough time to cast a spell. TES: Blades isn't a typical hack'n'slash - its combat system has a little bit more depth so don't get discouraged if you have problems winning the initial fights. More information on this topic in the "Combat" chapter.
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