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The Banner Saga 3 Game Guide

The Banner Saga 3 Game Guide

It's time to finish this epic trilogy! The Banner Saga 3 Game Guide consists of tips and complete single player walkthrough for this unique RPG game. You will learn how to explore the game world, what are the basic gameplay mechanics and how to attack and defeat enemies.

This unofficial guide for The Banner Saga 3 offers a complete set of information and tips that will help you to reach the game's finale. The guide opens with the page dedicated to various tips for the basic gameplay mechanics. It hasn't changed much since the previous entries, however, we still want to remind you how to win battles played in the turn-based system, how to manage your caravan, how to develop the heroes, how to keep the morale at a high level or how to defeat more challenging enemies. The guide ends with the list of the achievements. Besides their full list along with the requirements, we have also added our commentary on how to unlock them.

The walkthrough for all the chapters is the most important part of the guide. We focus mainly on decisions and their consequences as well as on challenging fights. Many of the fights in The Banner Saga 3 have unique rules and features (e.g. obstacles on a battlefield or a possibility of enemy reinforcements). Our guide warns you about these hindrances and gives you tips on how to deal with them. The walkthrough also contains descriptions of the minor events that can happen during your journey. Another part of the guide is dedicated to available endings.

The Banner Saga 3 is the final part of the saga created by Stoic studio. Once again, the game takes place in a world covered in ice inspired by the Nordic mythology. Your objective is to command a caravan that travels through this world. You have to take care of your members by solving problems and arguments as well as to keep your supplies and morale at a sufficient level. You also have to participate in numerous turn-based battles. These fights are an important part of the game - they require you to give correct orders, make the best use of the abilities of your warriors and to deal with numerous adversities.

Jacek "Stranger" Halas (

Important information regarding the walkthrough in this guide

The Banner Saga 3 offers you an option to import saves from the previous games. The main reason for that is to keep your progress, heroes and decisions from both the first and the second The Banner Saga game. Some of the scenes described in this guide may differ from your campaign. This can be caused by your choices made in the previous games. For this guide we have opted for the most neutral variant - the walkthrough is based on a "clear" save. This option is available to those who don't have their old saves.

Once again, the campaign in The Banner Saga 3 is non-linear. We tried to describe all the choices as thoroughly as possible. However, you have to remember that some of the additional events (e.g. having a problem with something or encountering people during your journey) are random. This means that, e.g. they can trigger in different moments of the game. Don't worry if you still haven't unlocked a particular scene. There is a chance that you can activate it in the later parts of the game.

Controls in The Banner Saga 3

The controls in The Banner Saga 3 are rather unusual. The game doesn't have a standard set of keys because all actions can be done with only a mouse. You can use it to control your units on a battlefield, select dialog lines, set your party or unlock new abilities.

Besides the mouse, you can also use the following keys:

  1. ESCAPE is for the pause menu. There, you can load your previous save (all saves are done automatically, the game doesn't have an option to make manual saves), change difficulty level, set the language, modify sound settings or switch between windowed and full-screen display modes.
  2. SPACE can be used interchangeably with a mouse to skip dialog lines.
  3. Numeric keys can be used to select dialog lines (this can also be done with a mouse cursor).

The Banner Saga 3 on PC supports gamepads. You can use it instead of a mouse.

The Banner Saga 3's requirements

The requirements for The Banner Saga 3 are very low. This is caused by the engine used by the game and the fact that this game is also available on tablets. The Banner Saga 3 can be played on a few years old PC or even on laptops that aren't designed for gaming.

The game requires 2GB RAM but the developers recommend 4GB. The game also needs about 6GB of HDD space.

The Banner Saga 3 doesn't feature any graphics options. You can't even change the resolution - it is adjusted automatically to your current resolution. The only available option allows you to play the game in windowed or full-screen mode.

During our work on this guide we didn't come across any problems with the game.

Importing saves from The Banner Saga 1 and 2

You can import saves right after starting the campaign in The Banner Saga 3 - right after you see the screen presented above - The Banner Saga 3 Game Guide

You can import saves right after starting the campaign in The Banner Saga 3 - right after you see the screen presented above. The game will search for all saves on your disk drive. If you don't have any saves then you will have to create a "clean" save. The only choice you have to make is to decide about the leader of the caravan - Rook or Alette. The rest is predetermined by the game and you can't change anything.

Which difficulty level should I choose?

The difficulty level can be changed before starting the campaign AND after (whenever you want to) - The Banner Saga 3 Game Guide

The difficulty level can be changed before starting the campaign AND after (whenever you want to). The second option is especially useful when you stumble across particularly tough opponents or a boss who is simply too difficult for you.

  1. On easy difficulty enemies are weak and there will be fewer of them. Party members don't suffer from injuries when they fall during a fight. This means that you can order them to participate in the next fight without the need to wait until they heal.
  2. On normal difficulty enemies offer a default level of challenge and you may have to defeat more of them than on the easy difficulty level. Party members can suffer from injuries when they fall during a fight. This means that they will need a few days to heal. During that period you can't order them to participate in fights - you will have to use other available heroes.
  3. On hard difficulty enemies are even more challenging - they use powerful abilities more often and they make smarter moves on a battlefield. Your heroes can suffer from injuries when they fall during a fight. However, they need even more time than on normal to regain their strength. This increases the risk of not being able to send a full party to a battle.

We recommend the normal difficulty level for your first playthrough. Playing the tutorial, available in the main menu, can also help you.

Additional notes:

  1. Not all the battles are mandatory. Some of them can be avoided by choosing certain dialog lines. The same goes for the fights where enemies attack you in waves. You can try to escape after the first or the second wave if you notice that the majority of your heroes is injured or seriously weakened.
  2. You can load your previous save if a fight didn't end in the way as you planned. The Banner Saga 3 creates autosaves in certain parts of the campaign.

About The Banner Saga 3 Game Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

The Banner Saga 3 Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Stoic
  • publisher: Versus Evil
  • platform: PC, Switch, PS4, XONE

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