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System Shock Remake Guide

System Shock Remake Guide

Citadel 2072 System Shock Remake guide contains best Tips and Tricks, tips for combat, exploration, equipment, security and cameras, mini-games. We describe all Keycards, Wares, Mod-Kit Stations, trophies and system requirements.

Last update: Monday, June 5, 2023

This guide and walkthrough for System Shock Remake is an extensive compendium of knowledge about the updated version of the production of the same name from 1994. Solutions to all puzzles will help you to pass each level and thus complete the entire game without any problems. The Beginner's guide will facilitate the first hours of the game. We explain the mechanics like managing the equipment, combat, Security level, or camera system.

The topics covered in the FAQ section of our guide to System Shock Remake will also come in handy. There you will learn how to heal the Hacker, why you should destroy cameras, or how to use grenades. We also did not forget about the keybinds and system requirements.

Our interactive map of all floors of the Citadel should be useful in exploring the game's world.

System Shock Remake: Tips and Tricks

  1. Don't forget to save the game frequently. It is very easy to die in System Shock Remake or make a mistake, e.g. by losing a quest item.
  2. Manage your inventory wisely. It has a limited capacity and even after expanding it is still relatively small. Get rid of unnecessary things or turn them into scrap to get credits.
  3. Always carry medicines. The hero's health doesn't auto-regenerate. It can also drop to zero really fast. You can get medicines as loot or by buying them.
  4. Use Restoration Bays and Power Stations. They restore health and energy respectively. Using them is free.
  5. Carefully explore all locations. It is easy to miss important collectibles, such as keycards, unique weapons or key items.
  6. Destroy traps from a distance. The dangerous are, e.g. moving small robots that explode and cause huge damage when they approach the hero.

More tips and tricks can be found here: Beginner's guide.

System Shock Remake: Basics

  1. List of all weapons - On the page, we posted a list of all weapons and explosives available in the game. We also show where you can find each type of weapon for the first time.
  2. Cyberspace - This page describes cyberspace terminals, which allow you to move to the inner network of the Citadel to, for example, to lift various blockades.
  3. Puzzles - Junction Boxes - In the guide, we described 2 main types of puzzles - mini-games with creating a connection and getting the correct voltage. By completing them, you can open new passages on the map.
  4. Difficulty levels - On the page, we described all difficulty levels for combat, cyberspace and puzzles. You will also find out if you can change the level of the challenge after starting the game.

System Shock Remake: FAQ

  1. How to restore health? - Here we described all the ways to restore health partially or fully.
  2. How to regenerate Energy? - This page describes how to partially or fully restore the blue energy bar.
  3. How to increase the inventory capacity? - You will quickly come across a problem with full inventory. Here we describe how to deal with it.
  4. How to avoid radiation and biological contamination? - Deadly radiation and other contaminations are a serious threat. We explain how to protect yourself from radiation and how to get rid of radiation sickness.
  5. How to lower the level security? - Each floor of the Citadel has its own separate Level Security indicator and we show you how to reduce it to 0%.
  6. Is there Fast Travel in the game? - You may want to return to previous decks. Here we explain whether there is fast travel or other ways to move around the station faster.
  7. How and where to get credits? - In the game you can collect and spend credits. We suggest how easy it is to get rich and how best to use your coins.
  8. What are the consequences of death? - In System Shock Remake, you have a chance to reborn after death. Here, we will tell you how to do it. We also describe what happens when you get the game over screen.
  9. How to destroy turrets? - Hopper turrets can be a serious problem at the beginning of the game. We have posted tips on how to sabotage, evade or destroy enemy turrets.
  10. How to save the game? - In System Shock Remake, you can use automatic and manual saves. We have described all their types.
  11. How to holster a weapon? - During the game, you may encounter the problem with the inability to holster weapons. We describe how to do this.
  12. How to open the Medical Armory? - We explain how to open 2 armories on the Medical deck, including those that require a code to open the door.
  13. What are ID Tags? - You'll learn about the ID Tags found on the corpses of Citadel employees and whether they have practical use.
  14. What is the Scrap for? - We answer the question of whether is it worth keeping scrap.
  15. Does code 0451 work? - Learn whether you can open the first door you encounter with code 0451.
  16. What is the code for Robot Maintenance? - Find out where is the random code to room on the Research Labs deck and what lies behind the door.
  17. Do enemies respawn? - Our guide explains whether new opponents can appear on the map in place of the defeated ones and whether it is possible to limit the respawn.
  18. How to identify enemies? - We have described the ware that lets you scan opponents, to, e.g. learn about their health or sabotage their systems.

System Shock Remake: Secrets and collectibles

  1. Keycards - We posted a list of all keycards which are required to open the locked doors and to explore all the decks of the Citadel in 100 percent.
  2. Wares - Wares are implants that can help your character in, e.g. exploration, combat, or finding secrets. We have prepared a list of all wares and their better versions (V2, V3).
  3. Weapon modifications - During the game, you can get weapons upgrades, thanks to which you will improve, for example, firepower or magazine capacity. We have created a list of Mod-Kit Stations where you can buy upgrades.
  4. Code list - Finding and checking audio logs and USB drives can lead to discovering 3-digit door codes. The guide describes how to obtain all combinations for doors that can be entered using keyboards.

System Shock Remake: Puzzles

  1. Isotope X-22 - On the page we explain where to find isotope X-22 in Research Labs and where to place the isotope on the Reactor deck. This will activate the radiation shield.
  2. Disabling the mining laser - It's a complicated puzzle with sabotaging laser stations in the Research Labs. We tell you how to get Security Override Code and where to use it in the Reactor.

System Shock Remake: Endings

  1. Good ending - On the page we describe the main ending depicting successfully reaching the game's finale and stopping SHODAN.
  2. Bad ending - Here we described how to unlock the hidden bad ending which will allow SHODAN to implement its plans and lead to the hero's tragic finale.

System Shock Remake: PC system requirements

Below are the minimum requirements for System Shock Remake:

  1. Processor: Intel Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320 (or better)
  2. RAM: 4 GB
  3. Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 670/AMD Radeon HD 7870 (or better)
  4. Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bits)
  5. Disk space: 2 GB

You can find more information on this topic on a separate page of our guide: System requirements.

System Shock Remake: Release date

System Shock Remake was released on PC on May 30th, 2023.

Console releases are scheduled for a later date. We described it more precisely on the page: Console versions (PS4, PS5 and Xbox).

About System Shock Remake Guide

Author : Radoslaw "Wacha" Wasik for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : October 4, 2021

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

System Shock Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Nightdive Studios
  • publisher: Nightdive Studios
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

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