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Surviving Mars Game Guide by

Surviving Mars Game Guide

Table of Contents

Technology in Surviving Mars Surviving Mars Guide & Walkthrough

This chapter provides information on which technologies are worth researching. A complete list of technologies can be found in "List of technologies"

Useful technologies for the beginning

The technologies you are to research depend on what you currently need, on your playing style and what you want to focus on. Each technology has to be researched for the next one to become available. Remember that anomalies can speed up your research and discover technologies from anywhere on the tech tree.

Each technology in the game is useful. However, in the beginning, it is a good idea to research into technologies that unlock new buildings, increase performance of production and decrease building costs. Also, technologies that provide you with new crops are useful for starters.

When it comes to the biotechnology tree, it is a good idea to research, in the first place: Soil adaptation - unlocks farms, Magnetic filtration - upgrades MAGETLEN and increases oxygen production by 50% (installable upgrade - you can do that by clicking on the existing building and clicking on the icon in the upper-right corner, in the details window). Water purification - unlocks water treatment plant, which decreases water consumption in domes. Utility crops is also a must and it unlocks new crops for farms. Hygroscopic separators are not necessary - it does not increase water production significantly (a 50% bonus for vapor separators). You can research into it if you have some spare prefabs at the ready.

When it comes to engineering tree: Low-G hydrosynthesis - provides access to fuel factory and polymer factory. Decommission protocol is often useful when you want to decommission and build a new concrete extractor - this technology allows you to demolish buildings. Microproduction will allow you to use rare metals for production of electronics in the electronics factory.

The first branches of the Robotics tree are not that important. Only Drone hub and Drone swarm can prove useful - the former allows you to build drone hubs, thanks to which you will be able to expand the colony, and the latter gives 2 extra drones to hubs and increases drone overall number to 80. You can also research into Transport optimization if you use RC trucks often - they gather resources faster and its cargo space by 15.

Physics is a very important branch of technology. Researching Low-G turbines will increase energy production from wind turbines by 33%.Subsurface heating will protect you from waves of cold, thanks to the Subsurface heater. Thanks to the technology of Autonomous sensors, you will be able to forget about sensor towers and it will save you some energy. Thanks to the Stirling generator, you will build a high-yield energy generator.

At the beginning of the game, when the number of colonists is low, and with a small (or medium-sized dome, thanks to the Indian sponsor), sociology will not be that cost-effective. With dwindling funds, it is a good idea to research Mars crowdfunding, which will boost your funds by $1000M. Systematic training seems to be a good method of better attaining of food and faster research - it boosts performance of scientists and botanists by 10. Productivity training will come in handy when you are building metal extractors and new factories. Thanks to this, the performance of geologists and technicians will increase by 10. Both of the training technologies will provide you with a bonus, on condition that colonists will work in accordance with their specialty.

Breakthrough tree is the most unpredictable - it is difficult to know what categories the game will generate after the anomaly is examined. The most useful technologies are: Autonomous hubs - drone hubs no longer need recharging and maintenance, Nanorefinement - extractors produce resources after the deposit is depleted, Dome streamlining - where basic resources cost becomes 50% lower. Martian steel - metal cost of buildings becomes 25% lower. Superior cables and Superior pipes will do away with any malfunctions. Frictionless composites will increase energy production from wind turbines by 100% and Rapid sleep will make colonists more productive - thanks to this, they will need only 1 hour of sleep. Giant crops will unlock crops of higher yield, Construction nanites will build automatically, with no drones, Artificial muscles increase the productivity of drones - they will now carry 2 resources simultaneously.

The best technologies

To a varying extent, each technology benefits you. Of course, the best technologies are ones that increase the productivity of factories, energy sources, extractors and farms. Also, technologies providing you with access to new buildings are immensely important - thanks to some of them, you will no longer have to import prefabs from Earth. Technologies, thanks to which you receive funds and cut down building costs can also be very beneficial. Technologies that change the game are the ones that unlock wonders, mainly Moho, The Excavator and Omega Telescope. Thanks to the former two, you will completely forget about searching for metal and cement deposits. Nanorefinement and Waste rock liquefaction you will better attain resources from wastes and depleted deposits.

List of the best technologies

Note some of the technologies here. For example, technologies, where there are names provided in parenthesis, such as "(hygroscopic film)" or "(rejuvenation treatment)" mean that these are upgrades that can be installed in those buildings. This means that not only do you have to research the technology for its functioning - you also have to spend resources on installing the upgrade.



Water purification

New spire building - water treatment plant. Research cost: 1000 points.

Hygroscopic separators

An upgraded version of the separator (hygroscopic film) - water production higher by 50%. Research cost: 1500 points.

Magnetic filtration

An upgraded version of MAGETLEN (magnetic filtration) - oxygen production higher by 50%. Research cost: 1500 points.

Soil adaptation

New building - farm. Research cost: 2000 points.

Utility crops

In hydroponic and regular farms, it unlocks new crops that produce oxygen and improve on the quality of soil.

Biome bioscaping

Living quarters in basic biomes become more comfortable. Research cost: 3000 points.

Biome engineering

Farms increase comfort of all living quarters within the dome. Research cost: 4500 points.

Gene adaptation

In hydroponic and regular farms, it unlocks new crops and increases their food production.

Research cost: 7000 points.

Rejuvenation treatment

Improves the infirmary and the medical center (rejuvenation treatment) - it increases comfort and improves on visiting colonists' relaxation and stress relief. Research cost: 7000 points.

Water conservation

Water consumption in domes drops by 50%. Research cost: 10000 points.

Holographic scanning

Improves the medical center (holographic scanner) - increases birth rate within the dome. Research cost: 15000 points.

Farm automation

Upgrade to regular farms, hydroponic farms and fungal farms: automation - decreases the number of required staff. Research cost: 15000 points.

Moisture farming

New building - moisture separator - obtains water from the atmosphere. Does not work during dust storms. Research cost: 20000 points.

Hanging gardens

New spire building - hanging gardens - a beautiful complex of gardens that increase comfort of all dome occupants. Research cost: 20000 points.

Low-G hydrosynthesis

New building - polymer factory - Produces polymers, using water and fuel.

New building - fuel factory - produces fuel, using water. Research cost: 1500 points.

Decommission protocol

Allows removal of utilized and damaged buildings. Research cost: 1500 points.


New building - electronics factory - produces electronics from rare metals. Research cost: 2000 points.

Storage compression

More storage space for water, oxygen and energy by 50%. Research cost: 3000 points.

Smart home

New buildings - smart houses and smart housing complex - they make comfortable residential buildings. During rest, occupants regenerate sanity. Research cost: 3000 points.

Low-G engineering

New biodome - medium - a medium-sized dome. Research cost: 4500 points.

Sustainable architecture

In-dome buildings require less frequent maintenance.

Research cost: 4 500 points.

Waste rock liquefaction

Drones can extract cement from waste rocks stored in dumping sites. Research cost: 10000 points.

Resilient architecture

Out-dome buildings require less frequent maintenance. Research cost: 15000 points.

Plasma cutters

Increases the performance of the rare metals extractor by 50%. Research cost: 20000 points.

Gravity engineering

New mega biodome - the most advanced and the largest type of dome. Research cost: 20000 points.

Drone Swarm

Drone hubs are provided with additional 2 drones and their maximum number is increased by 80. Research cost: 1000 points.

Transport optimization

RC trucks mine for resources fasters and have cargo capacity larger by 15. Research cost: 1500 points.

Drone hub

New building - it controls drones and dispatches them to various works. Research cost: 2000 points.

Rover Command AI

RC rovers no longer require recharging, they start with 4 additional drones and their command limit is increased by 12. Research cost: 2000 points.

Battery optimization

Drone battery capacity is increased by 50%. Research cost: 3000 points.

Drone printing

New building - drone assembly line - builds drone prefabs using electronics, thanks to which drone hubs can produce new drones. Research cost: 3000 points.

3D machining

New building - machine parts factory - produces machine parts from metals. Research cost: 4500 points.

CO2 propulsion

New building - shuttle hub - houses and fuels jets that allow long-distance transport of resources between storages and distribution of colonists between domes. Research cost: 4 500 points.

Factory AI

Factory upgrade (Factory AI) - performance higher by 20%. Research cost: 7000 points.

Rover printing

Allows you to build RC rovers, RC trucks and RC explorers. Research cost: 10000 points.

High-powered jets

Shuttle cargo hold larger by 3. Research cost: 15000 points.

Moho project

Wonder - Moho mine - mines for metals, rare metals and waste rock without the necessity for deposits and provides heat for the neighborhood. Research cost: 20000 points.

The Excavator

Wonder - excavator - produces cement straight from the Martian surface, without the need of deposits: Research cost 20000 points.

Extractor amplification

Amplification of extractors - increases production by 25% and energy consumption by 10. Research cost: 1000 points.

Low-G turbines

Water turbine upgrade (polymer blades) - production of energy higher by 33%. Research cost: 1000 points.

Autonomous sensors

Sensor towers do not require recharging, nor maintenance. Research cost: 1500 points.

Subsurface heating

New building - subsurface heater - increases temperature in cool zones and protects nearby buildings against waves of cold. Consumes water. Research cost: 2000 points.

Stirling Generator

New building - produces energy. In the closed state, it is protected from dust ingress, but it produces less energy. Research cost: 2000 points.

Dust repulsion

Solar panels are gradually cleaned from dust, when closed, which decreases the required maintenance frequency. Research cost: 3000 points.

Factory amplification

Factory upgrade (amplification) - increases production by 25%, and increases energy consumption by 20. Research cost: 3000 points.

Atomic accumulator

New building - stores electricity. Has large capacity, but it charges slowly. Research cost: 4500 points.

Deep scanning

Sectors can now be scanned again for deep deposits. Exploiting these deposits requires additional technologies Research cost: 4500 points.

Nuclear fusion

New Building: Fusion Reactor - Generates Power. Out-Dome building which requires Workers to operate Research cost: 7000 points.

Deep water extraction

You can now exploit deepwaterdeposits Research cost: 7000 points.

Meteor defence system

New Building:MDS Laser- Destroys fallingmeteorswithin range. Research cost: 10000 points.

Triboelectric scrubbing

New Building:Triboelectric Scrubber- Emits pulses which reduce dust accumulated on buildings within range. Research cost: 15000 points.

Fusion autoregulation

Fusion Reactor upgrade (Auto-regulator) - reduces the number of required workers.

. Research cost: 15000 points.

Deep metal extraction

Can exploit deep metal and rare metal. Research cost: 20000 points.

Interplanetary astronomy

Wonder: Omega Telescope - provides access to new breakthrough Technologies and boosts research. Research cost: 20000 points.

Systematic training

Scientists and Botanists receive +10 performance when working in their specialty. Research cost: 1 000 points.

Earth-Mars initiative

Increases research provided by sponsor by 100. Research cost: 1 000 points.

Mars crowdfunding

Receive a one-time grant of $1000 M. Research cost: 1 500 points.

Productivity training

Engineers and Geologists receive +10 performance when working in their specialty. Research cost: 1 500 points.

Martian education

New Building: Mars University - Train scientists, ecologists, botanists, medics, engineers, security specialists. Research cost: 2 000 points.

General training

Colonists without the proper specialization suffer a lower work penalty. Research cost: 3 000 points.

Martian patents

License Martian copyrights for use back on Earth. Earn $2000 M. This technology is repeatable and can be researched multiple times . Research cost: 3 000 points.

Home collective

Residential building upgrade (Home collective) - Increases comfort of the building by 10. Research cost: 7 000 points.

Behavioral Shaping

New spire building: Sanatorium - treats colonists to remove flaws. Research cost: 10 000 points.

Martian festivals

Decoration grants increased comfort. Research cost: 10 000 points.

Martianborn resilience

Martianborn do not suffer sanity damage when working in out-dome buildings. Research cost: 15 000 points.

Martian copyrights

License Martian copyrights for use back on Earth. Earn $2000 M funding. This tech is repeatable and can be researched multiple times. Research cost: 15 000 points.

Behavioral Melding

Sanatorium upgrade (Behavioral Melding) - replaces removed flaws with random perks. Research cost: 20 000 points.

Martian strength

Martianborn do not take sanity damage from disasters. Research cost: 20 000 points.

Dream reality

Wonder: Project Morpheus- Stimulates the development of new perks in adult colonists throughout the entire colony. Research cost: 20 000 points.

Core water

Discovers immensely rich underground water deposits. Research cost: 2 000 points.

Rapid sleep

Colonists need to sleep for only 1 hour and regain extra sanity while sleeping. Research cost: 3 000 points.

Giant crops

Unlocks giant crops with an increased food production. Research cost: 3 000 points.

Extractor AI

Metals and Rare metals extractors can work without crew at 50 performance. Research cost: 4 000 points.

Construction nanites

Buildings construct themselves slowly without drones. Nanites will seek out resources from nearby resource depots. Research cost: 4 000 points.

Martianborn ingenuity

Martianborn gain 10 performance. Research cost: 6 000 points.

Vector pump

Moisture Vaporator upgrade (Vector Pump) - water production increases by 100%. Research cost: 9 000 points.

Hypersensitive photovoltaics

Solar panels and Large Solar panels. Power production increases by 100%. Research cost: 9 000 points.

Artificial muscles

Drones carry two resources at the same time. Research cost: 14 000 points.

Vocation-oriented society

Colonists receive a bonus of 10 to performance ad work, when all the parameters are in green. Research cost: 20 000 points.

Autonomous hubs

Drone hubs no longer require power or maintenance. Research cost: 2000 points.


All extractors continue to extract small amounts when their deposit is depleted. Research cost: 2000 points.

Eternal fusion

Fusion reactor upgrade (Eternal Fusion) - Fusion reactors no longer require workers and operate at 150 performance. Research cost: 3000 points.

Dome streamlining

Basic resources dome cost reduced by 50%. Research cost: 4000 points.

Martian steel

Lowers metals costs for building construction by 25%. Research cost: 6000 points.

Superior cables

Instant and free power cable construction. Power cables do not suffer from power faults. Research cost: 6000 points.

Magnetic extraction

Extractor upgrade - increases production by 50%. Research cost: 9000 points.

Inspiring architecture

Colonists in domes with a spire have increased morale. Research cost: 9000 points.

Hive mind

Arcology inhabitants receive a bonus to performance on the basis of number of perks and specialties of colonists inhabiting arcology. Research cost: 14000 points.

Soylent green

Bodies of dead Colonists are converted to food. Research cost: 14000 points.

Frictionless composites

Wind turbine power production increases by 100%. Research cost: 20000 points.

Superior pipes

Instant and free pipe construction. Newly-built pipes do not leak. Research cost: 20000 points.

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