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Surviving Mars Game Guide by

Surviving Mars Game Guide

Table of Contents

Interface in Surviving Mars Surviving Mars Guide & Walkthrough

In this chapter, you will learn about the different elements of the interface - Interface in Surviving Mars - Game basics - Surviving Mars Game Guide

In this chapter, you will learn about the different elements of the interface. This should make the gameplay easier for you.

1. Notifications and events

The game informs you about any threats, scanned sectors, reached milestones and incidents in your colony.

2. Tips

At first, the game will give you hints on how to expand your colony and what facilities should be built first.

3. Resources/colonists overview

This will appear often when building or after pressing the button with three bars (see point 4. information/operational buttons). You will use this window to control your resources and colonists. You can learn about their features, check if they are unemployed and have houses, or if they cause any problems. Place the cursor on e.g. the basic resources and the game will provide you with details on the upkeep costs, stored materials and resource usage.

4. Information/operational buttons

Here, you can check your resources and colonists (on the left), list of milestones (important achievements accomplished during gameplay), radio station menu and main menu.

5. Information meters

The game will inform you about the number of drones (right icon) and colonists (left icon) that you have.

6. Units

Here, you can check units that you can control and manage, including rocket arrivals and departures.

7. Time control

You can skip time and adjust the game speed to your needs. The game will also inform you about Sol (Martian 24 hours) and indicate the time of day (blue-yellow bar).

8. Other overviews

Starting from the left side - building menu (you can also access it by pressing RMB anywhere), view of the entire map, Earth deliveries and Technology menu.

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