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SUPERHOT Game Guide & Walkthrough by

SUPERHOT Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Game modes | Secrets SUPERHOT Guide

At the beginning, only the story mode is available. After finishing it, you will unlock two more: Endless and Challenge.

Several additional game modes are available - Game modes - Secrets - SUPERHOT - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Several additional game modes are available

Endless has four available modes:

  • Unlimited - you kill as much as you want and how you want;
  • Race - kill 30 enemies as quickly as possible (in real time);
  • Time - kill as many opponents in 20 seconds (when you move);
  • Real - kill as many enemies in one minute.

Challenges provide variety to the previously completed levels (except level 26: Pyramid):

  • Speedrun - in this mode they measure your time (when you move), and the best score is saved. You can compare it with RED score which is set for each level;
  • Speedrunrt - similar to Speedrun, but they measure your real time (when you move or not);
  • Katanaonly - As the name suggests, you can only use katana throughout the game. However, you can throw it at your enemies. The main problem occurs when one of your opponents picks up your weapon - you can't attack with your fists. Katana can be used to destroy bullets;
  • Fullstop - Time stops when you stand still, but bullets fly faster, and every weapon that you pick up has only one round;
  • AD2013 - a mode that makes the gameplay easier, because every single punch is fatal. It also offers a different range of textures.
  • Hotswitch - a standard game mode, but the game keeps your score and you can use Hotswitch from the start;
  • Barehands - a very hard mode where you can only use fists, you can't pick up weapons (your enemies are armed);
  • Throwing - It takes 5 punches to kill an enemy. You cannot use firearms, only throw them (such hits are fatal);
  • Ghost - You can use Hotswitch from the very beginning, you kill enemies with a single hit; however, guns do not exist for you;
  • Hardmode - time runs faster, and enemy bullets move faster. Stunning doesn't last as long as it used to and it takes five hits to kill an enemy;
  • Impossible -Hardmode, but guns have only one round;
  • Norestart - You have only one chance to complete the game. If you die, you have to start from the very beginning.
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