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Mission 1 - Battle of Sedan | German| Campaign Sudden Strike 4 Guide

Mission objectives:

  • Cross the bridge before the French blow it up, blocking the only way across the river Meuse.
  • Eliminate enemy bunkers and other defenses.

The first mission of the German army will not be too difficult, although you will need to destroy well defended French bunkers. You will begin the mission with 3 tanks (4 if you select the armored doctrine, or self-propelled gun if you choose the support doctrine), infantry and a repair vehicle. Right after you gain control over your troops, you will be attacked by a small group of tanks and some infantry (1). You can take over the abandoned equipment. Your main objective is to reach the bridge. Move along the main road and you will encounter enemy defenses in the main area (2). It's best to strike from the top or flank your enemy from the bottom. You will also encounter enemies in these areas, and in the south, you will obtain a self-propelled gun, which will come in handy during the next stage.

Once the French army blows up the bridge, you will need to build a floating one (3), and get to the other side - Mission 1 - Battle of Sedan | German| Campaign - German - Sudden Strike 4 Game Guide

Once the French army blows up the bridge, you will need to build a floating one (3), and get to the other side. Your next objective will be to destroy a bunker located on the hill (4). Use the StuG tanks and the recently obtained gun to bombard the location (do it, before you send your forces further). Now, you will have to destroy the bunkers (5). The middle one will be the most difficult without a doubt. Apart from the main bunkers, you will encounter many other fortifications with soldiers inside. Avoid the city, as it may cost you many resources and time.

If you took the lower path, destroy the bunker the same way you dealt with the previous one. First, wear your opponent down with your artillery and only then investigate the site with your infantry. Send a team of shooters forward - they will take out the infantry and take over another gun (6). Now "blindly" bombard the middle bunker. After several bursts of fire, check if the bunker was destroyed. If the indicator is no longer visible on your map, you have successfully eliminated the bunker. All you need to do is destroy the last bunker and clear the area of any opponents.

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